Accommodation for Students

Accommodation for Students in Gauteng

Tired of hunting for decent accommodation for students, only to come up with bad options? Do not worry, we have your back! At Varsity Lodge, we can hook you up with some of the best student accommodation in Gauteng, and we are not scared to brag about it. Hurry, because you do not want to miss out.

Student accommodation for 2019 is now available and ready for bookings. Prepare to be impressed if you are planning a trip to suss out one of our lodges any time soon. Varsity Lodge has earned itself a great reputation in the student residence world. Student life does not have to be uncomfortable. You can enjoy comfort, security, peace of mind, and a family of like-minded co-residents. All it takes is one wise decision, which is to rent student accommodation from us.

At Varsity Lodge, a disgruntled resident is not the norm. We have gone to every effort to ensure that our accommodation for students is above par. In fact, we are almost certain that our rooms, communal areas, and facilities will exceed any expectations that you currently have of student accommodation. Do not take our word for it though. Chat to some of our student residents, and pop in to check it out for yourself.

You can expect to see smiling faces, a happy atmosphere, and a clean, safe, welcoming home environment the moment you set foot inside a Varsity Lodge. No, we are not paying our residents to be happy. They just are. And it is because their student “home life” offers all the comforts and conveniences of a real home.

No matter how far you are travelling to study and live in Gauteng, we have the perfect student home for you. There are numerous Varsity Lodges in Gauteng. We make sure that each residence is close enough to the university campuses, but if you are worried about transport, we have a lift service that runs between lodges and the universities regularly.

Here is a list of Varsity Lodge options…take your pick!

  • Riviera Med
  • Riviera
  • Martindale
  • TUT
  • Tshwane
  • Scarlet Ribbon
  • Lynnwood

Each of these lodges has a unique setup with similar comforts and provisions. Regardless of where you stay, you will have Wi-Fi access, cleaning services (for communal areas), and basic furnishings provided. These are just a few of the perks of renting accommodation from Varsity Lodge.

Need more information and advice on accommodation for students in Gauteng? Contact us via email or telephone at Varsity Lodge today.