Accommodation for Students

Is Affordable, Safe, and Comfortable Accommodation for Students a Myth? Find it at Varsity Lodge!


Accommodation for students is certainly not scarce, but the options can often be disappointing. Students that find affordable, well-located accommodation can consider themselves lucky, especially in Gauteng. There are many students in Gauteng who are looking for a good place to stay. Sadly, not everyone is lucky enough to find accommodation options that offer upmarket living environments that are safe and secure. If you are a student looking for accommodation in Gauteng, Varsity Lodge is the ideal place for you.


Comfortable and Safe Accommodation for Students


Accommodation for students, available at Varsity Lodge, is designed with the modern student in mind. The modern student has a balanced lifestyle, which is what our lodges are geared towards at Varsity Lodge. Our residents must have respect for other students and their study schedules. As all of our student residents are like-minded and study focused, the living environment remains relaxed, comfortable, and a safe space for all.


Of course, security is of vital importance, and we want our residents to feel safe. With this in mind, all of our lodges have strict security policies. We have 24-hour on-site security, as well as off-street parking available. If you feel unsafe, or have a security-related problem, help is available immediately.


Varsity Lodge Caters to the Limits of a Student Budget.


We also understand that a student budget can be quite limiting. Accommodation, food, and entertainment all cost a lot, and when you have a minimal allowance or only a part-time job to support yourself, your finances are bound to take strain. Once you have found accommodation that is in a prime location, you probably will not have much to spend on any extras. Unfortunately, these extras are often essential to a comfortable lifestyle.


To help you cut back on your monthly costs, we offer our residents an all-inclusive deal. All lodges are either fully- or semi-furnished, so you will not have to spend time and money bed or couch shopping. Your rental includes all those costly extras, such as water, lights, and the cleaning of communal areas. Another expense that most students must face is transport. While public transport is cheap enough, and easily accessed from all of our well-located lodges, we also offer student shuttles, which run between the various lodges and campuses. When staying at a Varsity Lodge, there is very little need for your own car.


Varsity Lodge Can Hook You Up with Kick-ass Accommodation for Students


Why stay in a mediocre student residence, when you can have a comfortable lifestyle in an exciting suburb and a residence to match? At Varsity Lodge, we are excited about setting you up for a real student-life experience in Gauteng.


We welcome you to come in to see our accommodation options for students, but if you just want to gather more information and prices first, we recommend that you send us an email or give us a call. A friendly Varsity Lodge consultant is always available to assist you in choosing the place that you will call home for the duration of your studies. Get in touch with us today and beat the waiting list for 2019.