Accommodation for Students

Find Accommodation for Students that Ticks all the Boxes

If you are a student, and you are hunting for decent accommodation, we have the solution for you. Do not feel alone. There are thousands of students in the same boat as you, so at least you will find some support along the way. Finding what you need, at a price that you can afford, is going to be a difficult task. Do not give up though, we have just what you need.

When you think of accommodation for students, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Do you naturally think of a clean residence with decent furniture, happy tenants, and a nice vibe? Probably not. Unfortunately, student accommodation has a bad rap. It is often thought to be messy, dirty, sparsely furnished, and with the type of party atmosphere that the typical study-focused student cannot handle. And because this has become the accepted idea, it seems to have become the norm. Those who supply student accommodation also tend to focus on providing cheap accommodation, instead of focusing on providing the basics that every student needs and deserves.

The Varsity Lodge Difference

At Varsity Lodge, we do student accommodation differently. While the price we charge for accommodation for students is kept competitively low, there is nothing else that other student residences can compete with. Our facilities are kept clean and tidy (all communal areas are cleaned for you), the 24/7 security is reliable, and all other residents will be like-minded individuals who respect each other’s space and the communal living environment.

Varsity Lodge Has What Every Student Wants and Needs

Before we hook you up with what we believe to be the best accommodation for students in Gauteng, let us take a look at what students typically require when looking for accommodation:

  • A safe place to study, sleep and socialise that includes basic furnishings.
  • A secure place to park a car off-street.
  • Access to public transport or provision of a shuttle service.
  • Affordable rental rates that include all extras such as water, lights, cleaning and similar.
  • Security that is available at all times, especially when coming and going during quiet times or at night.
  • Access to a social group that has similar interests or is like-minded.

What Varsity Lodge is Right for you?

Once you have paid a visit to one of our Varsity Lodges, you will find that our residences tick all of these boxes. You can choose from a variety of accommodation establishments. Below are a few in the Gauteng area:

  • Lynnwood Varsity Lodge
  • Tshwane Varsity Lodge
  • TUT Varsity Lodge
  • Riviera Med Varsity Lodge
  • Riviera Varsity Lodge
  • Martindale Varsity Lodge
  • EM House Varsity Lodge
  • Scarlet Ribbon Varsity Lodge

Find a Varsity Lodge to Host Your Stay

We strongly recommend that you get in touch with us when hunting for accommodation for students in the Gauteng area. Once you have chatted with us, you will have a better idea of which of our lodges have space for you. You can then apply and get packing, to move to your new home away from home. Need advice on pricing and what to expect when living in a Varsity Lodge? Get in touch with us at Varsity Lodge today.