Accommodation for Students in PTA

Varsity Lodge Provides Affordable Accommodation for Students in PTA 

Starting or continuing a university career in Pretoria can be very thrilling and there is a lot of fun to be had as a student. What isn’t so much fun, is finding affordable accommodation for students in PTA! Varsity residences are usually booked up way before the start of the year, and the waiting lists can be very long. This means that students have to find alternative accommodation and they often live in conditions that are unsafe or not conducive to quality study.

They could also end up living too far away from the campus to make regular use of the resources provided on campus, or they may spend far too much on accommodation just to have a place to stay. Some of those who are forced to share communes with other students don’t always enjoy the lifestyle, and it is always difficult for parents, especially of a first-year student, to hand their children over to accommodations that may not be supervised or may not be safe.

This is where Varsity Lodge comes in. We specialise in the provision of affordable, safe accommodation for students in PTA! All our residences are close to the various Pretoria campuses, including the medical campus at TUKS. Our lodges are highly sought after by students and their parents, because we provide a safe and affordable place to stay, with residence managers on site all the time to support the students, and to provide assistance and supervision where and when needed. We have a variety of lodges and accommodation in different university towns and cities, and provide outstanding value for money in well-managed properties.

Our accommodation for students in PTA consists of a number of lodges where students are housed in a number of shared units. The size of the units varies, and students can choose between self-catering bachelor units or sharing a seven-bedroom unit with other students. Bedrooms are private and students share common areas in the unit, which includes a well-equipped kitchen, lounge and dining room. Various luxuries, such as plush lounge furniture, flat-screen televisions with satellite channels and fast Wi-Fi, are also provided. In order to keep everyone safe and comfortable, we expect our residents to comply with our set of house rules at all times, and there will always be a manager or supervisor on site to provide support and assistance when needed.

Our properties are access controlled around the clock and we provide safe, off street parking, as well as laundry facilities on site. The types of accommodation for students in PTA that we provide varies from lodge to lodge, but any student will certainly find what they are looking for at Varsity Lodge!

If you are looking for accommodation for students in PTA, come to Varsity Lodge! Not only do we provide you with accommodation, we also provide you with a lifestyle that is safe, comfortable, conducive to quality study and very affordable. Give our administration team a call today to find out more!