Affordable Accommodation Options for Students

Varsity Lodge has Affordable Accommodation Options for Students in Gauteng 

When it comes to affordable accommodation options for students in Gauteng, Varsity Lodge certainly impresses. Student accommodation often gets a bad rap, because not all establishments can offer affordable monthly fees while also providing a clean, comfortable, safe, and secure home environment. Gone are the days when the bare necessities would “make do” for the student. In modern times, it is expected that only the best will do for tomorrow’s leaders. With well-located, secure accommodation with comfortably and stylish furnishings, Varsity Lodge is changing what people have come to expect of student accommodation.

It is easy for us to claim that we offer the best accommodation options for students in Gauteng, but is it really true? All you have to do is ask our current residents. What sets Varsity Lodge apart from the rest includes the following:

  • All our lodges are located close to campuses. For those who are a little further away, we offer a daily transport option between the lodge and the university campus that you are attending.
  • Studying is expensive, and you might not have much time to earn money while studying. The last thing we want to do is add to the burden of expenses. With this in mind, we keep our student residence fees eminently reasonable.
  • Security is a number one priority for us. Each lodge offers on-site, 24/7 security to keep the residents safe.
  • We offer many options for students to choose from. Our current lodges include Lynnwood Varsity Lodge, Scarlett Ribbon Varsity Lodge, Riviera Med Varsity Lodge, Tshwane Varsity Lodge, TUT Varsity Lodge, EM House Commune, and Martindale Varsity Lodge.
  • All our students are provided with a variety of luxuries and comfort options that are not typically available in other student residences. These include high-speed internet access, flat-screen televisions with satellite channels, comfortable couches, and laundry services, to name a few.
  • We believe in house rules. No home can run efficiently without them. We set rules for our residents to abide by and these ensure that every student enjoys a happy, peaceful, and ordered lifestyle. It also means that you can rest assured that you will be sharing accommodation or living space with like-minded individuals.

Like what you have read so far? Now is the time to enquire and find the right Varsity Lodge for you. Our affordable accommodation options for students in Gauteng are popular, so get your applications in early. Send us an email, give us a call, or apply online today.