Affordable, Safe, and Comfortable Johannesburg Student Accommodation

Looking for Affordable, Safe, and Comfortable Johannesburg Student Accommodation?

A lot of students want to study in Johannesburg because there are so many options available to them here. Not only is there a large variety of academic institutions, but there are also a lot of interesting people, cultural events, and activities to take part in. It is known as the melting pot of Africa, because it has become the epicentre of many different peoples from all over the world, and a lot of them come to Johannesburg specifically to further their education at one of the many prestigious academic establishments in the area.

This, however, means that suitable Johannesburg student accommodation can be difficult to find. Many prospective students cannot find accommodation in the student residences and are left to explore other accommodation opportunities that are not always ideal. They may have to reside in a commune with other students (which is not always a recipe for success), they may end up living too far from the campus in order to save money, or they may end up spending more than they can afford on accommodation near the campus. Everybody knows that most students do not have a lot of money, and their main priorities centre around getting a good education, so it is only fair that they should be able to find Johannesburg student accommodation that is safe, affordable, and comfortable.

At Varsity Lodge, we recognised the dire need for Johannesburg student accommodation and we have done our best to provide great value-for-money accommodation near the various campuses. Not only are our accommodation options varied, but safety is one of our main priorities. We know that parents of first-year students often find it stressful to leave a school-leaver to their own devices, and we all know that the big city can be daunting, so it helps to know that their accommodation is safe and secure. We have around-the-clock security staff to patrol our premises, and access is strictly controlled.

We also provide safe off-street parking for all our residents at most of our lodges. This means that you can rest assured that you or your family member is taken care of – they just have to follow the safety rules. We also insist that our residents follow our house rules in order to ensure the comfort, safety, and security of all our residents, and our hands-on management staff is always available to support residents with queries and problems.

We have a variety of options when it comes to Johannesburg student accommodation and we pride ourselves on the high standard of accommodation we provide to many students across the country at a variety of universities. Our lodges are close to most popular campuses, and where distances are involved, we provide a shuttle service for our residents. Our contracts run from January to December and we require residents to vacate the units during the summer holiday, when we perform maintenance and updates to the premises to ensure that the new intake of residents is accommodated in style and comfort.

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