Affordable Student Accommodation in Pretoria

What to Do When Looking for Affordable Student Accommodation in Pretoria 

Being a student is one of the golden periods in a person’s life – the fun, the future, independent living and the socialising all form part of a package that empowers and inspires a young person to take control of his or her life, and to do the best that they can to ensure a bright future and a wonderful career.

It is a well-known fact that Pretoria is one of the most popular student cities in the country, and even though it is a sprawling metropolis, the area around the campus has almost a village feel, and is a place where students can explore, hang out, discover new things, and most important of all, study towards a career. There are a variety of academic institutions located in this bright city and students studying at the University of Pretoria campus or medical school usually love being there. Because these campuses are so sought after, there is an enormous annual influx of students, and at times, affordable student accommodation in Pretoria can be hard to find. But fear not! Varsity Lodge is here to accept the challenge!

At Varsity Lodge, we provide safe, well-maintained and affordable student accommodation in Pretoria.  We have lodges located in various locations – some are close to the medical campus and others located near the main campus and the residences. Our residents can reach the campus within a few minutes’ walk, and this gives them easy access to the campus and all the wonderful resources located there. We are also close to shops, movie theatres, restaurants and shopping malls – all those things that students love!

Our accommodation consists of several lodges that contain a number of units, self-catering bachelor units or apartments. We pride ourselves on keeping all our properties in tip-top shape and do maintenance and repairs whenever needed. Our management team has a hands-on approach, and there is always a manager on site to support our residents and to look after their welfare. In addition to this, our lodges are affordable and comfortable, and our aim is to provide all our residents with an environment that is conducive to good socialising, as well as effective study. This is why we require all our residents to follow our house rules!

Whether you are looking for safe and affordable student accommodation in Pretoria for your child, for yourself or for a family member, contact our administrative office! We will provide you with all the information you need and answer any questions that you may have. Give us a call today!