Choose Varsity Lodge for Student Accommodation in Pretoria

Five Good Reasons to Choose Varsity Lodge for Student Accommodation in Pretoria 

Pretoria has long been considered one of the best and most beautiful student cities in the country, and many students flock here to attend one of the many prestigious academic institutions in order to pursue their career and study goals. Here you will find teacher training colleges, the University of Pretoria, one of the best veterinary universities in Africa, the Institute of Technology, a prestigious medical school, and many, many more. Pretoria is also very much geared towards student life, and it is a pleasant city to live in.

One of the main challenges is to find suitable accommodation in Pretoria. There are a few options, which include living at student residences, sharing a home or flat with other students, living alone in a flat or apartment or, for the lucky ones native to Pretoria, being able to live at home. Accommodation can be expensive and far from campus, which means that students are unable to make use of all the campus facilities after hours.

At Varsity Lodge, we saw this gap in the market and decided to go all-out to solve the problem of student accommodation in Pretoria. We have procured and built a variety of student lodges around the city, and our student accommodation in Pretoria consists of shared units in a lodge, private apartments, or shared apartments that provide the students with everything they need to live comfortably. Here are some of the reasons why students love to live in our student accommodation in Pretoria:

  1. It is affordable: We know that it costs a fortune to study, and adding accommodation to the already mounting bills can be the final straw. We keep our accommodation affordable and we provide cost-effective accommodation that our residents can enjoy.
  1. We provide luxuries: We provide luxuries and comforts that students usually will not have – high-speed Internet, laundry services, flat-screen televisions with satellite channels, comfortable couches, and many other things that our residents love.
  1. Safety: One of the major concerns for parents, especially parents of first-year students who are leaving home, is safety. At our student accommodation in Pretoria, we have around-the-clock access control to monitor movement on site and to prevent any unauthorised entry in order to keep our residents safe. Safe off-street parking is provided for those with vehicles, and our hands-on management team is always on standby to deal with any incidents or queries.
  1. House rules: We insist that our residents and their guests comply with our house rules. While this may seem a little restrictive, it brings order to our lodges and ensures that our residents live together in peace, harmony, and safety.
  1. Close to campus: All our lodges or accommodation in Pretoria are typically within walking distance from the various campuses. This means that students can get to their lectures a lot easier, and that they can make use of the variety of facilities and resources on campus – even after hours.

At Varsity Lodge, we pride ourselves on the high standard of our student accommodation, and we recommend that you give our administrative team a call today to find out more!