Why You Should Choose Varsity Lodge Student Housing Pretoria

Pretoria is a sought-after study destination, and thousands of students flock to this city every year to commence or resume their studies. The friendly and student-oriented environment in Pretoria is ideal for any student, and most students love to study here at one of the numerous colleges and university campuses. This also means that there is a high demand for student housing in Pretoria, and if students do not manage to get into one of the college or university residences they have to find accommodation elsewhere. Many that would love the communal living of a varsity residence are now left with no option other than to pay far more for accommodation and living by themselves, and others are left with accommodation that is too far away from campus or forced to share with other students in a disorganised situation. This may lead to bad academic performance and an unhappy student life.

Varsity Lodge provides the ideal solution for those looking for student housing in Pretoria. We have various accommodation options to choose from in a few different locations. All our student accommodation is within walking distance of the campus, which means that our residents have easy access to the resources on campus and can easily participate in university activities and attend lectures.

We recognise that living in a city comes with its own set of challenges, and we see safety as one of our main concerns. All our student residences have around the clock access control, and we provide safe parking on site for all our residents.

Our properties are very well maintained and we ensure that everything is in working order. Our team of hands-on property managers are always there to support our residents and to take care of any property or maintenance issues that crop up during the course of the year. During the vacation period in December our residents vacate our premises to allow us the time to carry out necessary maintenance and required updates and repairs to the buildings. This means that we can always provide our residents with a comfortable and functional environment that is great to live in.

When compared to other student housing in Pretoria, it is clear that our lodges provide a very cost-effective alternative that is comfortable and safe. We also provide various on-site amenities such as digital satellite television, high-speed internet and laundry facilities on site.

If you are looking for outstanding value for money when it comes to student housing in Pretoria, give our friendly team a call today to find out more.