Comfortable, Affordable Johannesburg Accommodation for Students

Every year an abundance of students flock to Johannesburg to start or to continue their education in order to achieve their life goals. A lot of these students are from different countries and, specifically, African countries. The academic institutions here are respected throughout Africa, so many international students choose to study here. Not only is there a lot to see and do, but Gauteng is geared for study and work, which gives them all the experience and knowledge they need to create and pursue a successful professional life.

Here the music, film, television, arts, history, and economics industries are well represented, as well as all the other businesses that can help them on their way after completing their studies. Often, though, it is very difficult to find suitable Johannesburg accommodation for students, and especially foreign students do not know how to find accommodation that is comfortable, suitable, and conducive to study far away from home, while still enabling them to tap into the resources of the African melting pot that is Johannesburg.

At Varsity Lodge, we noticed the demand for comfortable Johannesburg accommodation for students and decided to do something about it. We went all-out to create a safe space that is creative and social, and where students in Johannesburg can learn and grow. Our goal was to create a wonderful residential environment where students can flourish, where they can discover their independence in a safe environment, and where they can hone in on their professional passions and make the most of their opportunities.

Because we believe that all students should have a comfortable home away from home, we go the extra mile to provide this. We are serious about the accommodation and facilities we provide, and about maintaining a social, yet disciplined and organised, atmosphere and environment. This is why we have on-site management teams at our accommodation facilities, and why we work really hard to ensure that the facilities, services, and support are always there when our residents need them.

We want all students to be able to live in an environment that makes them feel safe and able to explore their professional and academic potential. This is why we provide around-the-clock security. All our Pretoria and Johannesburg accommodation premises for students are permanently access-controlled, and we provide secure parking for those with vehicles. We also offer other services and luxuries on site that would not necessarily be available to students, such as plasma televisions with satellite channels, transport to campuses, shopping for some of our lodges, and laundry and cleaning services.

We take great pride in the Pretoria and Johannesburg accommodation that we provide, and we go to great lengths to ensure that our students love living here. To keep all our residents happy and secure, we require them to adhere to our set of house rules. If you book your Johannesburg accommodation for students at Varsity Lodge, you can be sure that your needs will be taken into account. Contact our team to find out more about how we can help you!