Comfortable and Affordable UP Student Accommodation

Looking for Comfortable and Affordable UP Student Accommodation? 

Pretoria is one of the oldest student cities in the country, and every year thousands of students flock to this picturesque city with its Jacaranda trees to study and to prepare themselves for a career. The city has grown significantly over the last 30 years, and where this was once a town with only a couple of very good academic institutions and the University of Pretoria (UP), it has now expanded into a major academic centre with many different colleges, medical university campuses, the most prestigious veterinary university, and many other sought-after tertiary academic institutions and trade schools.

This means that accommodation is usually at a premium, and students often find it difficult to locate UP student accommodation that they can afford close to the UP campus. Because the UP campus consists of many different parts in different locations, there are many different areas where accommodation is needed, and it can be a headache to find something suitable. For parents of first-year students fresh out of school, it can be daunting to send their children into the city to study, and they are concerned about the safety and security of their accommodation.

Of course, there are university residences, but these are usually booked up and full ahead of time, and for those who are looking for UP student accommodation at the last minute, finding something suitable can be very difficult. It often means that students have to live far away from the campus or that they have to share accommodation with other students in an environment that does not provide the best conditions for study. Living far away means that they do not have ready access to the resources on campus, such as the library, and travelling can be expensive.

This is why our team at Varsity Lodge has decided to provide the ideal solution. We specialise in providing affordable, clean, and well-managed UP student accommodation in various locations close to the University of Pretoria. Our lodges include:

  • Lynnwood: Here we provide accommodation in 92 different units, which each have five, six, or seven bedrooms. Communal areas are shared and fully furnished. Students have a choice between single and double bedrooms, and the bedrooms are furnished with the basics.
  • Rivera and Rivera Med: These two lodges are both located close to the medical campus and here students will find accommodation in separate flats or shared units of various descriptions.
  • EM House: This is the only commune-style UP student accommodation comprising of six units, and is located within short walking distance from the campus. Rooms are semi-furnished and residents share the kitchen, lounge, and dining room.
  • Tshwane: For those looking for accommodation close to the Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria West, we provide a lodge with 52 shared units. Each unit contains three double bedrooms and a shared communal kitchen and lounge.

All our UP student accommodation has around-the-clock access control, and all residents and their guests are required to follow our house rules to ensure the comfort and safety for all residents. Give our administrative team a call today to discuss your UP student accommodation needs.