Hatfield Student Accommodation

Affordable, High-Quality Hatfield Student Accommodation Now Available 

Pretoria is a well-known city with huge historical significance and many academic institutions that include a technical college, the University of Pretoria, the TUKS Medical School, the Tshwane Teachers Training College, Onderstepoort Veterinary University, and many others. Because there are so many of these prestigious institutions here, student life is part of the city culture, and the area of Hatfield is particularly popular with students because it is near the University of Pretoria campus.

Students from all over the country – and even the world – arrive here every year to start a new year of studies to prepare for their futures, and to learn new skills that will aid them in their professional lives. But there is a problem: because there are so many students here, it can be extremely difficult to find Hatfield student accommodation, and often students are forced to choose accommodation that is either far away from campus or that is very expensive.

Varsity Lodge strives to solve these accommodation problems with our comfortable, affordable Hatfield student accommodation in our lodges around the area. Our Lynnwood lodge is located a mere 250 m away from the Pretoria campus, within easy walking distance, and here we provide top-quality student accommodation for all our residents. Our Lynwood lodge comprises 92 independent accommodation units, and each unit contains between five and seven bedrooms, and share common areas such as a lounge, kitchen, and dining room.

Contracts run from January to December and the total price of accommodation includes water, electricity, and security. Because we know that the parents of our students worry about their safety in the city, we provide around-the-clock access control and safe, off-street parking for our residents. There are also other facilities on site that students would not normally have access to, such as high-speed internet and Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, cleaning services, and satellite television.

We do our best to create and nurture an environment in which students can flourish and grow, while still maintaining the discipline that creates an atmosphere conducive to quality study. We require all our residents and their guests to follow our house rules, which have been collated with the aim of keeping the environment comfortable, safe, and easy to live in for everyone. Units are furnished with all the basics and we encourage students to bring their own individual taste to their rooms to create a more homely atmosphere.

Kitchens contain a fridge, toaster, microwave oven, and some crockery and cutlery, and shared lounges sport large, comfortable couches and flat-screen televisions. Our management team has a hands-on approach and is always on site and available to support our residents, to deal with repairs, and to ensure that the building remains well maintained all year round. In December, we require all our residents to evacuate in order for us to do property maintenance to ensure that all our residents return to a manicured and well-maintained environment in the New Year.

If you would like to find out more about our Hatfield student accommodation, please give our welcoming administrative team a call today!