Johannesburg CBD Student Accommodation

Choose Varsity Lodge for affordable Johannesburg CBD student accommodation! 

Johannesburg is a place of wonder and bustle. As a result, there are many academic institutions providing the promise of great careers after successful studies. Although Johannesburg is mostly seen as a city of finance, the variety of colleges and universities here creates a student town atmosphere in some suburbs, and while there are many of these establishments on the outskirts, the CBD has two universities in the area that provide education for thousands of students.

Many of these students fail to secure access to the university residences, and many are left to find Johannesburg CBD student accommodation for themselves. This leaves students and parents worried as there is always a shortage of accommodation near the campuses. With the risks associated with living in a large city like Johannesburg, parents of first-year students embarking on their first forage from their homes can  feel overwhelmed. Parents want their children to be safe, and finding accommodation that provides the necessary safety and security can be hard. This is why Varsity Lodge specialises in providing Johannesburg CBD accommodation that is affordable, comfortable, safe, and secure.

In Johannesburg, Varsity Lodge offers several accommodation options. We provide various lodges and student quarters, but we concentrate on providing accommodation that is safe and easy to reach from campus, and promotes an environment that is conducive to quality study. We understand that not all student accommodation is ideal or affordable;  sharing with disruptive housemates can vastly reduce academic performance.

We pride ourselves on our Johannesburg CBD student accommodation. Our lodges and residences provide all the facilities students will need for a comfortable and successful student life. From laundry facilities to access control and general safety, we provide ideal student accommodation. We want our residents to have fun, and to feel safe and supported at all times. Our property managers are always on site to provide support to our residents and to enforce our house rules that ensure that all students are able to live in comfort and safety. Our accommodations are more affordable than most and we provide additional luxuries, such as laundry facilities, high-speed Internet and on-site shops. We also have shuttles that are used by our residents to get to campus and to shops or go on excursions when needed.

We believe that student life is one of the most important and fun periods in a person’s life, and we strive to provide an environment that is safe, easy to live in, and good for study. Our contracts run from January to December, and during the summer holidays we require all residents to vacate the premises so that we can upgrade, paint, and repair the premises as necessary in order to provide our fresh group of New Year intakes with highly desirable and fully functional living quarters. Give our highly organised team a call today if you are looking for Johannesburg CBD student accommodation!