Limited Availability for Affordable Student’s Accommodation in Pretoria

Anyone who recently started a new year at the University of Pretoria will know that accommodation is hard to come by. Students that need to be close to the campus find that locating affordable student’s accommodation in Pretoria or Arcadia can be a huge headache, as there are only limited spaces available in university residences and annexes. Even communes and apartments that provide student accommodation are hard to find, and often students are forced to live far away from the campus, or spend money that could be better assigned to studies, on living arrangements.

Varsity Lodge in Pretoria provides the ideal solution to this problem. We provide affordable student’s accommodation in Pretoria, specifically for students who need to be located close to the campus. Not only is our accommodation well-maintained, comfortable and cost effective, but we also provide our residents with luxuries that the normal student living away from home would not necessarily have access to or be able to afford, such as satellite television and high-speed internet.

Our lodge in Lynnwood, which is close to Arcadia, provides accommodation in 92 separate units, each accommodating between 5 – 7 bedrooms. There is a choice between double and single rooms, and rooms are furnished with all the basics that a student would need. We also encourage students to bring their own furniture to personalise their rooms. Each unit also has its own dining room, lounge and kitchen, which are shared by the students living in the unit. The lounge is spacious and is furnished with a plush couch and plasma television for students to enjoy. The dining room has a large table and chairs, and is the ideal place to enjoy meals together and to socialise. The kitchen is equipped with all of the necessary appliances – a fridge, freezer, toaster, kettle and microwave, and we also provide cooking utensils, as well as crockery and cutlery. We also have laundry facilities on site for the exclusive use of our residents. Safe, off-street parking is provided for vehicles, and access is controlled around the clock in order to ensure that residents and their vehicles remain safe and secure.

In order to keep an orderly and safe environment for our residents to flourish in, we require all our residents and their guests to abide by our set of house rules. These rules ensure that the setting is conducive to studying and productivity, while still encouraging residents to interact and enjoy student life.  Our close proximity to the University of Pretoria’s campus also makes getting to lectures and resources on campus very convenient.

Our accommodation contracts run from January through to December, and we require all of our residents to vacate the premises during the December holidays for much needed maintenance, upgrades and repairs to be done. Our hands-on management team ensures that our premises and gardens are well-maintained at all times, and we strive to create a comfortable, attractive and practical living environment for all our residents.

If you are looking for affordable student’s accommodation in Pretoria, close to Arcadia, give our management team a call at Varsity Lodge. We will be able to provide you with all the information you need, and do our best to ensure that you are accommodated as comfortably and affordably as possible. Call us today!