Looking for Affordable, Comfortable University Accommodation in Pretoria?

One can barely believe that it is already November and while most Matrics are counting down the days until they are officially finished with school for once and all, others have already planned a little bit further than that. If you have not yet booked your university accommodation in Pretoria, you really have your work cut out for you.  By now, most of the residences are full and you will probably find that private rentals cost a lot more than you could imagine, or are too far away from the university.


But fear not young ones, as Varsity Lodge is here to help!


We specialise in providing comfortable, affordable university accommodation in not only Pretoria, but also in Midrand.  Our lodges are managed by an excellent management team that ensures that all facilities and buildings are well-maintained and kept in good working order.  Here, our residents have a chance to live alongside fellow students during their courses, providing the perfect environment for a student embarking on a university career.


We have multiple students who prefer our lodges over other accommodation options, as our secure and comfortable environment is highly conducive to proper study, opportunity to socialise and to bond with fellow students.  Our lodges are within easy reach of all the relevant campuses and we provide services and facilities that students otherwise would find difficult to afford, such as WiFi, laundry facilities, fully equipped units and comfortable lounges with plasma television, satellite channels, plus loungers and a large dining room.


At Varsity Lodge, we have different accommodation options to choose from and the type of accommodation differs from location to location.  In Pretoria we have custom-built units that accommodate between five and seven students in single or double rooms.  Each until has its own dining room and fully equipped kitchen where students can cook and socialise in comfort.  We strive to provide a disciplined, yet agreeable environment and, in order to achieve this, we require our residents and their guests to follow our set of house rules.  Each resident also has access to safe and secure basement parking and around the clock security and access control.  Water and electricity, as well as DStv are included in the monthly fees.


Our residential contracts run from January to December each year and we require our residents to vacate the units during December when necessary maintenance, upgrades and repairs are carried out in time for the start of the next year.  During the year our maintenance team is always on hand to ensure that routine repairs are done where necessary.

If you are looking for university accommodation in Pretoria that is not only cost-effective but also safe, secure and comfortable, look no further than Varsity Lodge!  Give our team a call today to find out more.