Looking for Affordable, Safe, Student Hostels in Pretoria? Try Varsity Lodge!

At the start of a new year there are always a lot of students looking for suitable accommodation in Pretoria.  They look forward to starting a new chapter of their lives, studying, getting a good qualification, and meeting and socialising with other students.  It can, however, be very difficult to find accommodation that is not only reasonably priced, but also safe and secure.

With crime rates in the cities rising, it is essential for young people, fresh out of school and away from the secure homes of their parents, to find a residence where they can study and socialise safely.  Often parents feel most secure with their children living in a university res, but this is exactly the reason why there are long waiting lists for these residences, and private accommodation in an apartment or shared house may not always be ideal, especially for first-year students who are still getting used to living on their own.

Varsity Lodge now provides the perfect accommodation solutions with our student hostels in Pretoria, where students can live and learn in secure units where a set of rules apply and where adults are on site at all times to ensure the safety and security of everyone on site. Our management team has a hand-on approach and is always on hand to provide advice and to ensure that the house rules are followed, in order to create an environment that is conducive to study, and to ensure that all residents are comfortable and secure.

We have a few lodges throughout the country, conveniently located close to the relevant campuses. Our student hostels in Pretoria are located within a few minutes’ walk from the main campus.  This means that students living in our lodges always have easy access to their lectures, campus-based activities, the library and the student canteen.

At our lodges, we provide a collection of units that contains between five and seven bedrooms.  Each unit has a common kitchen, dining room and comfortable lounge that are shared by the students in the unit.  Double or single rooms can be chosen depending on the preference and budget of the student, and we provide laundry facilities and fast WiFi, as well as all the basic bedroom furniture required.  Students are also welcome to bring their own furniture.  The lounge is large and comfortable and contains a couch and plasma television with satellite channels, the kitchen is equipped with everything needed to cook a basic meal, and the dining room has a large table where students can eat or study together.  We also provide safe, off-street parking and around the clock access control to ensure that all of our residents are safe and secure.

Our residential year runs from January through to December, and we ask that all residents vacate the premises at the end of the last semester, to allow us to carry out maintenance and upgrades to the properties, in order to ensure that new residents start the new year in a well-maintained property with working facilities.

If you would like to find out more about our student hostels in Pretoria, give our management team at Varsity Loge a call today!