Looking for Stylish, Yet Affordable Student Accommodation in Johannesburg?

Planning to study in Johannesburg?  Beginning a new year at university is usually very exciting, because this usually means that days of carefree living, making a lot of new friends and learning about interesting things is what is waiting for you in the next few years.  For many students, however, leaving home to study could be a daunting prospect and if they are unsure about accommodation, it adds to the stress.

All students need comfortable accommodation close to the campus and this can be very hard to find.  Affordable student accommodation in Johannesburg is particularly hard to find due to the large numbers of students that descent on the city every year, leaving many students with unsuitable quarters or apartments that they can hardly afford or places that are too far away from the campus.

Varsity Lodge now provides affordable, high-quality student accommodation in Johannesburg for a large number of students.  Here we provide our residents with the opportunity to live within walking distance of the campus in well-maintained, safe student residences where they can reside with fellow students.  Our accommodation is safe, clean and affordable, and we pride ourselves on the pleasant living conditions in our well-managed lodges and units.  We have numerous accommodation options that are suited to a range of tastes and we encourage you to visit our establishments to check out the various options yourself.  You will certainly be able to find accommodation that suits your particular needs!

In addition to our student accommodation in Johannesburg, we also provide units and apartments close to the campuses in Nelspruit, Potchefstroom, Pretoria and other university towns.  Our lodges are well-run by a highly efficient management team who ensures the safety and comfort of our residents and their guests by requiring them to adhere to our house rules.  All these regulations were designed with the wellbeing and safety of our residents in mind.

At all our student accommodation facilities we provide free, safe parking. The types of accommodation also vary in layout and design, consisting of self-catering shared units, unfurnished apartments and shared houses.  We have four properties in Johannesburg that comprise a large block of 8 floors with single and double bedrooms, as well as a number of flats.  We also have two large homes that can be shared by eight to sixteen students, and a residence that provides single and double rooms for 25 students. Single and double rooms have all the basic furniture, and students are allowed to bring their own furniture to create a more homely atmosphere.

If you are looking for student accommodation in Johannesburg, contact our team for more information today! You too can live comfortably, affordably and close to the campus!