Need Student Accommodation? Choosing the Right Environment is Important!

When starting the academic year, it is important for students to find the right accommodation that will not only enable them to study, but also empower them to safely and securely interact and socialise with other students and friends.  For those who need student accommodation, choosing the right environment to live in can sometimes make the difference between success and failure.  Finding accommodation that provides a suitable environment is even more difficult.

Student residences are generally well-managed and have house rules, which ensure that students are well-nourished, don’t trespass, get quiet time to study, and that they remain safe while on the premises.  These residences are usually based very close to the campus so that students have easy access to their lectures, the administrative block, the library and other resources.  Often, however, these residences are booked up and filled long before the end of the previous year, and those who did not reserve a place in the residence are then forced to look for alternative student accommodation.

– Apartments: Students sometimes opt for an apartment, but as the rent for an apartment close to the campus is expensive, students battle financially and struggle to pay the bills.  Alternatively, they are forced to move further away from the campus where apartments are cheaper and then they spend a lot of time travelling, especially if they don’t have a vehicle and have to use public transport.  Of course, travelling also costs money and this puts further financial strain on the student.  Access to all the valuable resources on campus is severely limited and students cannot always get to the library or exams in time.

Shared apartment/house: When students cannot afford to live by themselves, they usually opt for a shared apartment or house.  This is cheaper, but has other negative consequences that may impair their studies.  Often, when students live together, there is very little discipline and no rules… and study may suffer as a result.  Noisy housemates playing loud music or constantly having a stream of visitors, petty arguments and, in some cases, vandalism, do not create a good environment for study.

– Varsity Lodge: We do our best to provide those who need student accommodation with the right environment.  We understand student life and we provide a comfortable home environment in which students can thrive.  We require our residents to abide by our house rules and, as a result, we are able to ensure that everybody is comfortable and safe, as well as have time and silence in which to study.  We also offer other luxuries that other student accommodations don’t, for instance, the units in our lodges are furnished, students have access to communal areas in which to socialise, they have televisions with satellite channels, fast WiFi, and on-site laundry facilities.

If you need student accommodation, choosing the right environment is very important.  Call our friendly team at Varsity Lodge to find out more about how we create the perfect environment for you!