Private Accommodation for Pretoria Student

Comfortable, Conveniently Located Private Accommodation for the Pretoria Student! 

At the beginning of every year, students leave school and a lot of them head for the various academic institutions to further their studies.  Often, first year students are placed in the university residences, but these fill up very quickly and students registering a little later than others may find themselves in urgent need of accommodation before the commencement of their courses.

In Pretoria, often second or third year students don’t wish to stay in the residences any longer and move out, only to find that there is a great shortage of private accommodation for the Pretoria student.  This often means that they are forced to share a commune or house with other students, which is not always ideal. Others find that they have to find their own apartments, which are not conveniently located and are very expensive.

At Varsity Lodge, we offer the perfect solution to these problems.  We provide conveniently located, comfortable, clean and private accommodation for the Pretoria student.  We have various different lodges placed in various cities around the country, and we specialise in the provision of safe and secure, and well managed accommodation for student occupation.

We understand that not everybody likes to share a room, especially in the later years at university.  For this reason, we provide a variety of accommodation options that will suit the requirements of most students.  In addition to comfort and safety, it is also essential that the accommodation provides a good atmosphere that is conducive to quality study, as well as socialising and relaxation.  Students like to mix with their peers and our communal areas provide ample opportunity for those sharing a unit to hang out together.

We have a variety of unit setups in Pretoria – our lodges consist of various units, and each of these contain between five and seven bedrooms.  Students can choose between a single bedroom with its own bathroom, and double bedrooms, which are two smaller bedrooms that share one bathroom.  Double rooms are ideal for good friends or siblings.  The bedrooms are furnished with all the basics, but residents are welcome to add their own furniture for extra comfort.

The kitchen, lounge and dining room are communal areas that are shared between all the residents of the unit.  The basics are provided in all of these – the kitchen contains all the relevant utensils, fridge, microwave, kettle and toaster, while the lounge is furnished with a comfortable couch, flat screen television and DStv.  The dining room provides a great place to share meals together and to work together on projects.

If you are on the lookout for private accommodation for the Pretoria student, please contact our friendly team and we will provide you with suitable options at reasonable prices.  Call us today!