Private Student Accommodation in Pretoria

Four Top Reasons to Choose Varsity Lodge’s Private Student Accommodation in Pretoria 

Pretoria is one of the most desirable student cities in the country. Not only does it have a long history of outstanding academic institutions, but it is also a beautiful city that is geared towards its students and student life. There are number of universities, colleges and medical schools here, and often students who have to leave home and start out at the beginning of their studies find it hard to get suitable private student accommodation in Pretoria. University residences are usually booked up long in advance and have long waiting lists, leaving those who do not secure a slot no alternative than to source alternative student accommodation. The available accommodation often has drawbacks – it could be far from the campus, it could be in an unsafe area, or it could be expensive; often students are forced to share small flats in order to save money. This does not provide a healthy environment that is conducive to focused study.

As a result of the demand in private student accommodation in Pretoria that is affordable yet comfortable, we have stepped up to provide some of the most outstanding accommodation options for Pretoria students, and there are many reasons why our accommodation is so highly rated and popular:

  1. Safety: Many parents are concerned about the safety of their children, especially if they have just left school and are starting out in their first year. These children are often not used to living on their own and may feel unsafe when living alone in the city. We prioritise the safety and security of all our residents, and all our accommodations are access-controlled around the clock. Security measures are implemented to ensure that everybody remains safe on site. Parking is provided in a well-lit, on-site area, and this means that our students can come and go safely.
  1. Disciplined: Students are often a bit rowdy, and we find that our house rules ensure that everybody lives in an environment that is lively yet disciplined, which is conducive to study. We expect all our residents and their guests to abide by these rules at all times to provide a comfortable and amenable living arrangement for our residents.
  1. Organised and well-maintained: We go to great lengths to ensure that our properties are in excellent condition and we perform routine maintenance and repairs as and when needed. We have a hands-on management team on site around the clock, and our property managers are always there to assist and support our residents when needed. During December we require our students to completely vacate the premises in order for us to carry out any necessary renovation and upgrades to the building, and this ensures that our new residents arriving in January are able to move into a fully functional, attractive property.
  1. Affordable: Compared to other private student accommodation in Pretoria, we are one of the most cost-effective options. In addition to accommodation, our residents also have free access to DStv and high-speed internet. We provide real value for money when it comes to accommodation.

For more reasons to choose us for your private student accommodation needs in Pretoria, give our friendly administrative team a call today!