Rent Student Accommodation in Pretoria

Are you planning to go to the University of Pretoria or perhaps looking for accommodation in the vicinity of the campus? Is your budget limited, and affordable accommodation virtually impossible to find? Do you want to rent student accommodation in Pretoria that is well managed, comfortable, cost-effective, safe and close to the campus? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you should consider giving our team at Varsity Lodge a call. Not only do we provide luxury accommodation specifically aimed at students, but we also ensure that our residents are comfortable and safe!

4 Reasons to Become a Resident of Varsity Lodge

1. Safety: Many first-year students studying away from home for the first time feel vulnerable in big cities, and parents need to know that their children are residing in accommodation that is safe and secure. At Varsity Lodge, we provide safety and security around the clock. Access is controlled on a 24/7 basis, and we provide safe, off-street parking for all of our residents. We are also located very close to the campus, which means that students don’t have to travel far and wide to reach their lectures.

2. Ordered environment: We understand students and we know that they can get a little boisterous at times. Most students enjoy the freedom that comes with university life, but sometimes it’s difficult for new students to know where the limits to this new-found freedom end. At our lodges, we ensure that all of our residents live in an atmosphere that is conducive to productivity and quality study, but we also encourage them to socialise and interact in a safe environment. This is why we require all residents and their guests to abide by our set of house rules that are designed to create an atmosphere where a number of people can live together peacefully and happily.

3. Campus proximity: Most people who rent student accommodation in Pretoria find that they are located a distance away from campus. This makes it inconvenient and expensive to travel. Being within walking distance from the campus is first prize, and our lodge in Pretoria is specifically located near the university to enable students to access the campus and all its resources easily and conveniently. It also saves on travel costs.

4. Well-maintained premises: Because we have a hands-on management team who is serious about creating a comfortable and attractive living environment for residents, our buildings are maintained throughout the year and repairs are done when needed. During the December holiday season, we require all of our students to move out of the lodge, and during this time, we carry out maintenance and upgrades where needed. This means that our new residents in January move into a pristine building with a great living environment.

If you want to rent student accommodation in Pretoria that fulfils all of your accommodation needs as a student, give our friendly management team a call today. We will provide you with all of the information that you need to find the ideal living quarters!