Safe Student Accommodation in Hatfield at Varsity Lodge

Find Nice, Affordable, and Safe Student Accommodation in Hatfield at Varsity Lodge 

Because the University of Pretoria is one of the most prestigious universities in the country, you will find thousands of students flocking here for their studies. It consists of a variety of campuses, including the best veterinary school in the country and a medical school. Because the main university campus is in the Brooklyn/Hatfield area, many students are looking for nice student accommodation in or near Hatfield every year.

While there are various university student residences within walking distance of the campus, these are usually full well ahead of time and the waiting lists can be long. This means that students looking for nice student accommodation in Hatfield will have to pay dearly for apartments or houses in the area. It is vital for students to be located close to the campus, especially those who don’t have vehicles or other transport, and being within walking distance makes it so much easier to get to lectures, and to make use of the resources on campus, especially after hours.

Because we know how difficult it can be to find nice student accommodation in Hatfield or Brooklyn near the campus, we provide another alternative. We specialise in the provision of affordable, comfortable, and safe accommodation for students who need to be close to the UP campus. Our student accommodation consists of a variety of lodges, which all cater to the needs of students, and all our lodges are well maintained and managed by a hands-on team who are on site to support our residents and to help when and where needed.

At Lynwood Varsity Lodge, our accommodation consists of 92 separate units, which each contain between 5 and 7 single or double bedrooms. Communal areas, such as the lounge, dining room, and kitchen, are shared by the students in that unit, and all the basic furniture is provided. We also provide high-speed Internet, laundry facilities, and secure parking for all residents.

Our EM House Lodge provides the only commune-style residence and we pride ourselves on the high standards we maintain at this property. Double rooms are shared by residents and all rooms are furnished with the basics. It is a short walk from the main campus gate, and we provide secure parking, laundry facilities, and cleaning of communal areas.

At all our lodges, we require our residents and guests to follow our house rules to ensure that everybody is comfortable and safe, and access is controlled around the clock by our security team. If you are looking for nice, comfortable, and safe student accommodation in Hatfield or Brooklyn, give our friendly team a call today to find out more.