Secure Accommodation in the Pretoria Area

Find Secure Student Accommodation Located in the Pretoria Area with Varsity Lodge 

Being a student comes with its pitfalls, as with anything in life. If you are just about to enter into student life outside of a high school setting, be prepared for what lies ahead. At first, you will be thinking about the friends, the laughs and, of course, the immense amount of knowledge that you will acquire while you are out there being a student. But then, reality has to be faced. There is so much more to think about! You will need to worry about accommodation, spending money, food, internet access, your safety… the list goes on. Suddenly, the sparkle of student life dims somewhat, but it does not have to. Student life can be every bit as fun and carefree as you have always dreamed it would be. All you have to do is secure yourself a spot in a Varsity Lodge and you will be set for life, or, we should say, set for student life. Secure accommodation in the Pretoria area has never been easier to find.

When you think about secure accommodation for students in the Pretoria area, your mind might boggle at what is actually available out there. Student residences have not always had the best reputations for safety, or comfort, for that matter. Unfortunately, many students opt for cheap accommodation and this often results in poorly furnished, uncomfortable, and even unhygienic living conditions that feature the very bare necessities, if that. If you are under the impression that cheap or affordable student accommodation in the Pretoria area means you must compromise on your quality of life and standard of living, you are wrong. At Varsity Lodge, we offer smart student accommodation that is comfortable, stylishly furnished, safe, and secure, as well as located close to university campuses.

Where You Can Find Secure Accommodation in The Pretoria Area

While there are many student residences located around Pretoria, not all of them will be able to offer you the quality of life that you are looking for. Varsity Lodge residences, however, are quite different. If you are looking around for secure accommodation in the Pretoria area for students, you will find the following Varsity Lodges in the Jacaranda City:

  • Lynnwood Varsity Lodge
  • Riviera Med Varsity Lodge
  • Riviera Varsity Lodge
  • Scarlett Ribbon Varsity Lodge
  • Tshwane Varsity Lodge
  • TUT Varsity Lodge
  • EM House Commune
  • Martindale Varsity Lodge

Why Choose Us? 

What makes Varsity Lodge the student residence option of choice for so many students in Gauteng? We offer the type of student accommodation that residents do not want to leave at the end of their study term. Not only are the lodges well maintained, cleaned, and regularly serviced; they also offer 24/7 on-site security. In addition to this, luxuries and comforts that are either standard or optional include laundry services, high-speed internet access, transport, flat-screen televisions with satellite channels and, of course, comfortable couches to relax on.

Tired of hunting for secure student accommodation in the Pretoria area and being disappointed every time? Chat to us at Varsity Lodge and let us hook you up! Give us a call, send us an email or connect with us online today.