Secure and Safe Pretoria Accommodation for Students

Pretoria is a very special student city in South Africa. The natural beauty, the pleasant climate, the variety of prestigious academic institutions, and a very student-oriented lifestyle are only some of the reasons why thousands of students flock to this city every year to further their education. It is a desirable place indeed, and even though it is a city, it almost has more of a small-student-town atmosphere.

One of the things that trouble a lot of students who come here to study is the competition for decent, affordable accommodation. Pretoria accommodation for students can be very scarce, and often students are forced to find accommodation that are not really ideal. Being close to the campuses can be expensive, and living far away may be cheaper but then there are transport problems to contend with. Therefore, our administrative team at Varsity Lodge have decided to fill this gap in the market and meet the demand by providing Pretoria accommodation for students that is not only affordable, but also safe and secure.

We also ensure that the environment of our lodges is conducive to study and that all our residents and their guests stick to the house rules that we set. It is usually of particular concern for parents of recent matriculants to find accommodation near the campus that is regulated and secure. Safety is always a priority – especially in South Africa, where parents are quite entitled to be concerned about the safety of their children venturing out into the big city by themselves, whether it is Pretoria or Johannesburg.

At Varsity Lodge, one of our main priorities is safety. We ensure that all our lodges have outstanding security teams looking after the premises. We exercise strict access control measures around the clock and we provide safe parking for our residents. All our properties have hands-on management teams who are always ready and able to support students, and because we have a team of maintenance staff, we are always on hand to ensure that repairs are done where needed. During the December holidays, we carry out necessary maintenance to ensure that our residents return to a well-maintained and comfortable living arrangement.

Our Pretoria accommodation for students consists of a variety of choices ranging from self-contained units to shared units containing five to seven bedrooms, and shared common areas such as a lounge, dining rooms, and equipped kitchen. We also provide other amenities, such as high-speed Internet and laundry facilities.

If you are looking for Pretoria accommodation for students that is safe, secure, and comfortable, give us a call today.