Self-Catering Units for Students are Increasing in Popularity

When it comes to student accommodation, especially for first year students, it can be difficult to decide on the type of accommodation needed. Whereas most students preferred to be accommodated in a student residence close to the campus a decade ago, there is now a vast increase in students that prefer self-catering units. This means that they have more freedom to come and go, while still in a safe and comfortable environment where they can study and socialise.

When looking for self-catering units for students, it is important to take the following factors into consideration:

Location: Being close to the campus makes student life a lot easier, as this means that the student can get to lectures and make use of all the student resources on site (such as the library or laboratories) without needing transport. Student accommodation close to campus usually gets booked up first, and it is essential that students start to look for accommodation as soon as possible.

Safety & security: Life in South Africa is unfortunately affected by high crime rates. It is therefore essential that the student finds accommodation that is safe and secure. At Varsity Lodge, our self-catering units are access controlled around the clock, and regular security checks are performed. House rules also apply to all residents and guests to ensure the safety and comfort of all. Secure on-site/off-street parking is also provided for residents who own vehicles.

Facilities: It helps to have all the comforts and facilities on hand to make life easier. At Varsity Lodge, we provide our residents with the facilities and equipment that they need to live comfortably. We provide on-site laundry, fast wireless internet, and the communal lounges are furnished with comfortable couches and satellite television. The communal kitchens are also well equipped, and all the basic bedroom furniture is provided.

Type of accommodation: When it comes to accommodation, self-catering units for students have grown in popularity since organisations such as Varsity Lodge started building units that specifically cater to students. A lot of students find life in a varsity residence restrictive and others find that life in an apartment is just too expensive, but all students want to be in a place that is affordable, of high quality and conducive to study. When students share apartments to save money, the environment is often not very structured and ill-disciplined roommates can negatively affect the quality of study and sleep. At Varsity Lodge, we ensure that our house rules are applied, in order to provide a great environment that is orderly and disciplined, but not too restrictive.

Budget: Finding accommodation close to the campus is expensive, and living further away may create problems with transport and getting to lectures on time. This is why our self-catering units at Varsity Lodge are so sought after. Not only do we provide safe, comfortable student accommodation virtually on the doorstep of the campus, but our units are also very reasonable!

To find out more about how you can move into one of our self-catering units for students, just give our team a call today!