Six Things Any Hatfield and Lynnwood Student Accommodation Should Offer

You have studied from home, but it is time to spread your wings. Perhaps you stayed in a commune, but want affordable accommodation with more privacy. The question is what type of student accommodation in Hatfield and Lynnwood is right for you? Let’s look at the essentials when browsing for a place to stay.

Location, Location, Location! 

Of course, even the trendiest apartment is worth zero on a contract if you have to get on a bus or drive to campus. Just being three or four blocks away from Tuks can already be too far. You need affordable student accommodation on the doorstep of Tuks.


Think about your parents’ pockets. They will most probably not want to pay for a three-bed apartment that’s almost the price of a year’s tuition. The idea is to strike a balance between luxury, location, and affordability, especially if you are studying with a student loan or bursary.


Is it possible to have luxury and affordable student accommodation in Hatfield or Lynnwood? Incredible as it may seem, the answer is yes. Varsity Lodge offers neat, luxurious, and well-equipped student units just across campus in Lynnwood.


Even if you are superhuman and can fight off any type of villain, safety and security should be priority. You want a place with access control, safe and secure parking, and CCTV monitoring.


You need to focus on your studies and the enjoyment of student life. The last thing you want is to be cleaning house the whole time. All you have time for is to clean your room, but independence comes with a price. Fortunately, for you, communal area cleaning is already included in our rates. This means that you just need to keep your room clean, and the rest of the area is kept pest-free and hygienic by our professional cleaners.


Affordable student accommodation close to campus should not have to mean being without the luxuries needed for comfortable living. And we don’t disappoint. Our units in Brooklyn and Lynnwood are semi-furnished, enabling you to move in and start living. 

View our range of affordable student accommodation units in Lynnwood and Brooklyn, not far from Hatfield, and submit your application to avoid missing the opportunity to live on the doorstep of campus.