Student Accommodation Around Pretoria

Find Affordable, Comfortable and Safe Student Accommodation Around Pretoria

Pretoria can be described as a hub for students. The city is jam-packed with student-friendly restaurants, pubs, shops, and activities. If you are a student in Pretoria, you are probably well aware of the incredible student culture that exists here. Unfortunately, not all students are lucky enough to find well-priced, decent student accommodation options around Pretoria. If you are one of those students, you are in luck as Varsity Lodge has affordable accommodation available.

If you have heard of Varsity Lodge, you will know that student accommodation options we have are leaps and bounds ahead of others around Pretoria. In fact, we would go as far as to say that our lodges are superior to any other housing options in the area that fall within an affordable range. What makes us different is that we have designed our lodges with the student in mind. We know that you will be working, studying, and trying hard to save money. While our lodges are comfortably furnished and safe, they are also priced fairly to make them more affordable for the average student. Our student residences are located within close proximity to campuses and we have a few options available for those who also need transport.

The following Varsity Lodge student accommodation options are available around Pretoria:

  • Tshwane Varsity Lodge
  • Lynnwood Varsity Lodge
  • TUT Varsity Lodge
  • EM House Varsity Lodge

As with anything good in life, there are a few rules to consider when living at a Varsity Lodge. Don’t worry, you won’t be living in a prison, but we do require all of our residents to be courteous and respectful to fellow lodgers and staff members. We insist that the premises are treated with care and that all furnishings are looked after well. And of course, we also require that students stick to reasonable hours and that any wild parties are held away from the property. All the students at Varsity Lodge have the same mindset and the same goal, which is to live comfortably while focusing on their studies and building lifelong friendships.

We would love to provide all qualifying students with the opportunity to visit our lodges and get a better idea of what we have to offer. With our 24-hour security, comfortable rooms, communal areas, and close proximity to campuses, there are enough reasons to be excited to move into a Varsity Lodge as soon as possible. For more information, kindly contact us via email or telephone today.