Student Accommodation in Hatfield

Choosing Suitable Student Accommodation in Hatfield

When heading out to university or college near Hatfield, Pretoria, choosing the most suitable accommodation for your needs can often be a little tricky.  While most students dream of living in their own, well-furnished apartments and drive their new cars to campus, reality is often very different.  Study fees are increasingly expensive and not many students can afford to live in their own apartments close to campus.  Living away from the campus can be cheaper, but transport and travel expenses often add to further complications.

Not all students get entry to residences as these are usually fully booked halfway through the previous year and finding student accommodation in Hatfield near the TUKS campus can be a complete nightmare.  There are various types of Hatfield student accommodation, but everyone has individual needs and it is vital that the correct accommodation is found to cater to all the needs and preferences of the student in order for them to live comfortably enough to concentrate on their studies. 

Student Residences

Usually the preferred choice of most parents, the university residences are large, hotel-like blocks that are owned by the university.  Here, students may share bedrooms or stay in their own bedrooms.  Often, the more modern residences have units with a few bedrooms and central common areas and bathrooms that all the students in the units share.

At student res, the lease is usually based on a full board situation, and three meals a day are provided in central mess halls.  A management body usually takes care of the students and ensures that house rules are followed, making this an ideal choice for a first year student who needs the freedom that university life provides, but still needs some security and looking after.  Often second year students opt for other living arrangements like an apartment in the Hatfield area, as they find res life too restrictive once they have found their feet.  The advantage of residences is that they are usually close to the campus. 

Living in an Apartment

This is usually the more expensive option and not many students can afford their own apartments in Hatfield, furniture and pay bills while studying.  While the better off parents may be able to help with finances, those who live on tight budgets find living on their own quite expensive.  It can also be quite lonely and if the apartment is far away from the campus and other students, it presents problems with transport.  

Sharing a House/Apartment

While saving money by sharing an apartment with other students, the environment is quite difficult to control as there are no real rules to abide by, and it could turn into an environment that is more suited to parties than studying.  This is usually an option for more mature students who are self-disciplined, and moving in with strangers is not well advised. 

Varsity Lodge

The best type of student accommodation in Hatfield for students of all ages is provided by Varsity Lodge.  Here, students share units and common areas, and are required to follow a set of house rules that ensure the safety and comfort of all the students.  Privacy is provided in separate bedrooms, and an atmosphere that promotes study and socialization prevails.  Accommodation is cost effective and provides certain benefits that students would not ordinarily have access to, such as fast internet and plasma television with satellite channels.

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