Student Accommodation in Johannesburg

The Answer to Student Accommodation in Johannesburg 

Johannesburg has a variety of academic institutions, colleges and universities, and many students flock to this city every year to study. But they all run up against the same obstacle – the scarcity of student accommodation in Johannesburg. While universities do their best to help students to find accommodation, it can be challenging to find accommodation that is close to the campus, affordable, safe, and comfortable. The university residences are usually booked up well in advance, and living off-campus is the only option for a lot of students.

This often means that compromises have to be made, and students either have to live far from the campus, pay a lot for accommodation near the campus, or live in student digs and flats that don’t provide a comfortable living arrangement and aren’t very conducive to focussed study. Students can be rowdy, and often some discipline and rules are necessary to ensure that all residents enjoy a pleasant living environment, and safety is a grave concern for parents of students, especially if the students are in their first year after leaving the home.

Varsity Lodge provides the perfect answer to student accommodation in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Our lodges are comfortable and affordable, and we provide the ideal living environment for students. Because our residents are expected to follow our set of house rules, we can ensure that our residents and their guests are safe on site and that everyone is comfortable in an environment that is highly conducive to both study and socialising. We provide our students with everything they need to get through student life – from on-site property managers to carry out maintenance and to support, to affordable accommodation, most of which is furnished. This means that our residents love living at Varsity Lodges and that they are allowed to study, relax, and socialise in equal measure and in comfort and safety.

Our student accommodation in Johannesburg consists of a few different lodges, which include the following:

  1. Scarlet Ribbon Varsity Lodge: This lodge is an 8-storey building just 300 m away from Kingsway campus. On each floor we have between 18 and 23 furnished rooms, and the lodging includes electricity and water, around-the-clock security with fingerprint identification, a laundromat, and also cleaning of communal areas. Each floor has a communal kitchen and lounge shared by the residents, and there is also a braai area.
  2. Mary Mount Varsity Lodge: Here you can find top-class student accommodation in Troyville close to the campus of the University of Johannesburg and the Doornfontein campus. You can choose between three accommodation options with different types of bedrooms, ranging from luxury single rooms to standard and shared rooms. We have around-the-clock security and access control, and our accommodation here offers great views, a wonderful garden, and tranquillity. We also provide a shuttle service for our residents.

Why stay in an expensive flat far away from campus if you can choose our comfortable and safe student accommodation at Varsity Lodge in Johannesburg or Pretoria? Call our administrative team today to book your accommodation!