Student Accommodation Near University of Pretoria

Do You Have Trouble Finding Student Accommodation Near the University of Pretoria? We Can Help! 

Pretoria is a very popular choice for students because it has so much to offer. Not only is a wealth of colleges and academic institutions situated here, but the University of Pretoria has long had a reputation of one of the finest universities in South Africa. There are so many reasons why students choose to study here – the moderate and sunny weather, the variety of courses, the high academic standards of the university, the well-known veterinarian college, the friendly inhabitants, and let us not forget about the history and natural beauty of the place!

But, because Pretoria is such a sought-after place to study, there is one drawback: finding decent student accommodation near the University of Pretoria. Many students are forced to choose between paying less for living quarters far away from the campus or paying exorbitantly high prices for accommodation that is close to the campus. Space at the university residences are at a premium and there are often long waiting lists, which means that if students do not book their residence accommodation very long in advance, they are faced with the daunting prospect of finding student accommodation near the University of Pretoria that is both comfortable and affordable – this is often an impossible task.

We make it our mission to help out with those difficult accommodation choices. We specialise in providing outstanding accommodation for students studying at various popular campuses in South Africa, and our student accommodation near the University of Pretoria is no exception. We have a large lodge within walking distance of the campus, consisting of a large number of independent units with between five and seven bedrooms each. Students living in these units share the common areas such as the kitchen, lounge and dining room, so they are afforded plenty of opportunities to socialise and learn more about the diverse students from the rainbow nation.

Our mission is to provide student accommodation near campus that is comfortable, safe and conducive to quality study, and to achieve this goal, we implement various measures. We provide around-the-clock access control to all of our residences and require residents and their guests to comply with our house rules. This ensures the safety and comfort of everyone on site.

Our properties are exceptionally well maintained by our on-site property managers who are always available to deal with queries and to offer support. If you are looking for student accommodation near the University of Pretoria or the medical campus, contact our team for friendly advice and to learn more about our outstanding, affordable student accommodation options.