Student Accommodation in Pretoria

Looking for Student Accommodation in Pretoria? 

If you are about to embark on student life and looking for great student accommodation in Pretoria, you are in luck!  At Varsity Lodge, we offer various types of lodging for students in various educational colleges and universities in Pretoria and other areas as far as Nelspruit, and we are bound to have something to suit your requirements and budget.  We know that it can be difficult to get into one of the student residential facilities, and we help students with a home away from home, which provides all of the amenities and services that they require to ensure a comfortable stay and space to work and play.

At Varsity Lodge, we offer different types of accommodation to suit every student’s needs.  Finding clean and tidy accommodation close to your chosen educational college or university is now easy, and here you will find yourself lodging with like-minded students in upmarket accommodation, which is not normally the domain of a college student!  Luxuries, such as an on-site laundry service, fully equipped kitchens and plasma TVs with DStv, are hard to afford for most students, but here we provide all these services at a price that you can afford.

We have various lodges around the country, and you can find us in Nelspruit, Lynwood, Potchefstroom, Midrand and close to the University of Pretoria’s medical campus, as well as other accommodation largely centred around the Gauteng or Tshwane area.  This means that you will always have easy access to the educational facilities that you need, and you can get to your lectures with ease while living in comfort.

We also understand that students are usually quite young and rowdy, and without proper rules and supervision, things can get out of control and noisy.  This is why we have a strict set of house rules that have been designed to keep our students safe and give them an atmosphere to live in that is conducive to studying and socialising.  We want to provide students with a happy home to live in, and sticking to the rules is required from all of our guests.  This ensures that everybody remains safe, and that the premises and facilities remain in good order.

Our different types of units vary from place to place, but our student accommodation in Lynnwood, Pretoria, consist of units that each have five, six or seven bedrooms, with a shared lounge, kitchen and bathroom.  Bedrooms are divided into singles and doubles – a single room is a large bedroom for one person only and a double room consists of two separate but smaller bedrooms sharing a bathroom.

All of our accommodation is furnished with the most crucial items, such as a single or three-quarter bed, book racks, cupboards, curtains and bedside tables, but furnishings vary according to the choice of room or unit.  The communal areas are provided with all of the furniture and amenities required, and in our open-plan kitchens, you will find a fridge/freezer, microwave, kettle, toaster, crockery and cutlery.  Our communal lounge has the luxury of DStv and a comfortable couch, and all of our accommodation is non-smoking.

We know that student accommodation in Pretoria is difficult to find, and we therefore recommend that you contact us as soon as possible before the year starts, in order to secure accommodation!