Student Accommodation in PTA

4 Good Reasons to Choose Varsity Lodge Student Accommodation in PTA 

It can be very daunting to leave home to start a university career, and often parents are nervous to let their first-year students go and live in a town away from home in order to study. Because Pretoria is still one of the most student friendly cities in the country, there is always a need to find safe and affordable student accommodation in PTA – often at short notice, but residences are not usually able to accommodate students unless they have been booked into the residence months (or even years!) earlier.

Varsity Lodge provides a real solution to student accommodation problems. There are several reasons why students and their parents prefer our lodges to any other type of student accommodation in PTA.

  1. Safety: We ensure that all our lodges are access controlled around the clock, and we have various security measures in place to safeguard our residents and their guests. Parking is off the street and very safe, and we have a set of house rules which our residents and guests have to follow in order to ensure the safety, comfort and security of our residents.
  1. On-site support: We have a team of professional residence managers who take care of our residents and the building, and they are there to offer and provide support when and where needed.
  1. Comfortable living quarters: We provide student accommodation in PTA in various different formats which range from bachelor units to seven-bedroom units with shared common areas. Most of our accommodations are furnished, and we provide all the basic equipment and appliances needed to cook and store food in our common kitchens. We also provide luxuries that students normally would not be able to afford – plasma televisions with satellite channels, very fast Wi-Fi, on-site laundry facilities and plush furniture.
  1. Well-maintained premises: We take great pride in our properties and we ensure that these are well managed and well maintained at all times. Our property managers take care of any repairs and maintenance that has to be done, and they can be contacted at any time if problems arise. Every year, we require our students to vacate the premises during the December holidays in order to carry our maintenance and repairs to all our buildings. This ensures that we can provide outstanding student accommodation in PTA to all our residents all year round.

If you are looking for student accommodation near Pretoria university campus, just give our administrative team a call today, and we will help where we can!