Student Accommodation at University of Johannesburg

Lovely Student Accommodation on the Doorstep of the University of Johannesburg

Looking forward to next year’s studies at the University of Johannesburg? Can’t find space in the hostels? On the other hand, perhaps you don’t want to stay on campus and wish to have a bit of independence? Maybe you don’t like the idea of having to participate in every type of social, or not being able to study because fellow students simply party too loud during the week?

If this is the case, then you will love the student accommodation at the University of Johannesburg offered at Scarlet Ribbon Varsity Lodge. It is within walking distance from the University of Johannesburg’s main campus at 32 Threadneedle Street. Indeed, you don’t even need a car since the student accommodation is only 300 metres from the campus.

Now you don’t have to fret about where you will find affordable and neat student accommodation at the University of Johannesburg. Scarlet Ribbon Varsity Lodge offers you everything you need in accommodation and more. The lodge consists of an eight-storey building with each storey having 18-23 rooms.

Access control is by means of fingerprint technology, ensuring that uninvited guests will not be able to rock up at your room. With 24-hour security in place, the lodge offers you a safe living environment. The accommodation is furnished, and laundry facilities are available. We also clean all the communal areas, so the only work you will have is to keep your own room neat and tidy.

Scarlet Lodge consists of two cottages with shared rooms, two cottages with single rooms, one flat with four single rooms, one flat with one single and one double room, and 148 single rooms ranging in size from 7 to 12 m2.  All the units come with onsite maintenance and property management. The lodge also has a House Committee for supervision and to provide student assistance.

Each floor of the building has a communal kitchen and bathroom that are shared between 17 and 23 students. Braai facilities are offered outside, and the lodge has a large garden. The kitchen has hotplate facilities, a freezer and a fridge, in addition to two microwave ovens. All you need to bring with are your own kettle, pots and pans, as well as crockery and cutlery.

The office is open during the week from 8:00 to 16:00 for student assistance. Should you need after hour assistance with an emergency, you can still get a hold of management.

Enjoy the freedom of not living in a campus hostel, but the convenience of living on the doorstep of UJ. Download the rates for student accommodation at the University of Johannesburg and call us to book your room or unit.