Student Accommodation

4 Top Tips on Finding Suitable Student Accommodation in South Africa

Few things are as scary and challenging for parents as letting their newly post-matric child migrate to a different town to study at the university of his or her choice. In addition to the obvious worries about safety and behaviour, there are also other challenges to face, such as the cost, security, type, comfort, and cost of housing.

Often, matric results are released later than usual, and this means that the usual university residences that provide some form of control, supervision, and comfort are full, and then scholars are virtually left to their own devices to find lodging. This can be tricky. Student towns and cities often have very little student accommodation available, and the housing that is available is usually too expensive, too unsafe, or located too far away from the university in question. This brings up a whole new range of problems.

Because university life is multi-faceted and does not only consist of lectures and study, the housing should be able to provide opportunities for scholars to interact safely, as well as provide them with the skills that they need to live away from their parental abode. For most, it will be the first flight from the home and their first experience of independence.

This means that they need a safe and secure environment. Here, they have to learn to manage their lives as adults, and this means managing schedules, learning to integrate with other cultures and people, building new relationships, and still remaining highly committed to their studies without the assistance of any parental supervision.

Finding the right lodging is about more than just getting an affordable place to stay. Here are some tips on selecting the right place for your child.

  1. Safety: Given the high crime rates in this country, safety and security are the highest priorities. Scholars should have safe places to park their vehicles, well-lit areas, secure living quarters, and some form of supervision at the building where they live. Access to the accommodation should be controlled to avoid unwelcome intruders. When it comes to student accommodation for female students, this is even more important. Bedroom doors should lock securely. Rather pay more to ensure that your child is safe and secure while pursuing their studies.
  1. Maintenance: Nobody wants their children to live in a decrepit building while trying to study. The property must be well-maintained, bedrooms suitably sized, and even basic furniture should ideally be provided. 
  1. Proximity to Campus: Yes, it is more costly to find student accommodation close to the campus, but this brings many benefits. It makes it easier for the scholar to attend lectures, use the library and other campus resources, and to take part in campus activities. Even if your child does possess a vehicle, it is best to obtain student accommodation within walking distance of the campus.
  1. Technology: Nowadays, it is virtually impossible for a scholar to study successfully without access to the internet. Finding a place to stay that provides access to Wi-Fi is always recommended.

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