Where to Find Affordable, High-Quality Student Apartments

Most students start looking for student accommodation long before their academic year at university starts, but in some cases, delays in results being announced or rewrites to qualify for acceptance at university cause delays that makes it impossible to find accommodation ahead of time. This often means that students are stuck without good accommodation near the campus, and other alternatives have to be found. Often, this leaves the student with no choice but to pick unsuitable student apartments far away from campus or sharing homes with too many students in a chaotic atmosphere that is not very conducive to studying.

Looking online could help, but for those who don’t know the cities where they are applying, it is difficult to gauge how close to the campus the accommodation is, or how safe it is. In all cities, safety is of paramount importance and no parent would want their child fresh from home to live in a place that is disruptive or unsafe. This is why Varsity Lodge provides the perfect answer!

At Varsity Lodge, we specialise in providing safe, affordable student apartments that are well managed, well maintained and close to campus. We provide the peace of mind that parents need when their children go to university, and our house rules provide a structure that keeps the environment calm, safe and conducive to study. We pride ourselves on the hands-on management of our properties and we see to it that we provide high-quality amenities and facilities that residents can enjoy at their leisure. We have numerous student apartments and lodges near a number of universities around the country, and if you are looking for student accommodation in Potchefstroom, Johannesburg, Pretoria or Nelspruit, we are the people you should call.

All our student apartments and lodges are within easy reach of the campuses, which allows our residents easy access to their lectures and it also makes it easier for students to use the resources on campus, such as sports centres and libraries. All of our accommodation is managed by professional hands-on property managers who are very capable, and they look after the interests of the students, as well as the property. We also provide safe parking and access control around the clock. In addition, we provide amenities that students won’t necessarily be able to afford normally – high-speed Wi-Fi, round the clock security, laundry facilities, and in the shared units in our lodges, we provide furnished accommodation.

Our contracts run from January to December, and we require residents to vacate the premises during December. We use this window of vacancy to update the premises, and to do necessary repairs and maintenance where needed. This means that students can move into freshly updated, attractive and affordable accommodation in January.

If you are looking for high-quality student accommodation that is not only affordable, but also safe and modern, you can do no better than Varsity Lodge. We have a wide variety of student apartments, shared houses and shared units available. Give us a call today to find out more!