Student Flats for Rent

Students starting a new academic year at a university of their choice often find it really hard to locate suitable student accommodation or student flats to rent. Parents of students, and in particular first-year students, generally feel more comfortable with their children staying on campus at the university residence, where they can live in accommodation that is safe and comfortable, and where they can enjoy full board and lodging in a secure environment that is conducive to student life.

More often than not, however, these university residences are full and long waiting lists decrease the chances of getting accommodation in a residence. There are, of course, other options, but there are certain criteria that have to be followed, in order to choose the correct type of student accommodation.

• Safety: This is a number one priority for most students and their parents. The chosen accommodation should have some form of security, such as access control, safe parking, patrol staff and/or other comprehensive security systems to ensure that all residents and their assets are secure at all times.

• Proximity to campus: It is a fact that students who have easy access to the resources and facilities on campus deal better with their studies, and are more likely to regularly attend lectures. Those without transport find it particularly difficult to travel to campus by public transport, and it is essential that these students are as close to the campus as possible; within walking distance if possible! Flats to rent close to the campus can be expensive, but it is worth the money when travelling costs are taken into consideration in the long run.

• Environment and discipline: Everybody knows that student life can be disorganised and that some students can become unruly. Parties, drunken behaviour and student life are inextricably linked, and it is essential to find accommodation where socialising can happen without things getting out of hand. Those living in rowdy, disorganised circumstances find it hard to study well, and loud and inconsiderate roommates or flat sharers can severely affect the quality of study. An environment is needed where students can study well and where they will not be adversely affected by the behaviour of other students.

• Facilities: There are certain things every student needs – fast-speed internet, furniture, cooking and laundry facilities, to name but a few. It is best of find student flats to rent that can provide all the facilities that students will need to live relatively comfortably.

• Well-maintained premises: Student flats to rent could on occasion be very old, dirty and not very well looked after. This leads to constant problems with water leaks, electricity and other maintenance issues that have to be repaired at great cost and hassle. Choosing accommodation that is well maintained will provide for a more comfortable situation where things don’t constantly go wrong or cost money.

If you are looking for student flats to rent near your chosen campus, we have the answer for you! Varsity Lodge specialises in providing student accommodation that is not only affordable, but also safe, close to campus and well maintained. Give our team a call today to find out more!