Student Looking for Accommodation

Are You a Student Looking for Accommodation in Johannesburg? Varsity Lodge is for You! 

Will you be studying in Johannesburg? Are you gearing up for that authentic student experience? Are you ready to launch yourself into your career and future? Of course you are, and there is no time like the present! Your student days are interesting and exciting times, and many days of fun, new friends, and interesting new studies await you! One of the biggest challenges that you will face as a student is finding accommodation that makes that student life experience even sweeter, but there is no reason to stress about it, as Varsity Lodge is here to turn a potentially impossible task into a simple one! One of the great things about our lodges is not only the reasonable prices especially aimed at your student budget, but also the fact that our student lodges offer a “home” experience that other student residences in Johannesburg find hard to beat.

If you are feeling stressed by the fact that most Johannesburg student residences are booked out well in advance or do not offer the type of living environment suitable for tomorrow’s leaders, don’t be. Why stay anywhere else when you have the option of staying at Varsity Lodge near the University of Johannesburg? What is the big deal with Varsity Lodge? We offer students an all-encompassing deal. Our lodge is not just a residence, it is a lifestyle solution for the discerning student looking for accommodation that is affordable, ideally located, safe, and comfortable.

One of the differences between our student lodges in Johannesburg and other options available, is that the accommodation and living conditions offered is aimed at like-minded students. All Varsity Lodge residences are designed for students who take their studies seriously and want to develop mutually beneficial relationships with other students. This does not mean that you miss out on all the fun. Quite the opposite; it means that you get to have all the fun while having a safe and comfortable home to return to, where other housemates will undoubtedly become your closest friends. Both our Scarlett Ribbon and Martindale lodges are very close to the campus of the University of Johannesburg.

If you are a student looking for accommodation that will add value to your student experience in Johannesburg, you have come to the right place. We welcome you to drop us an email, give us a call, or pop in at our offices, so that we can share the many reasons why a Varsity Lodge is the only home away from home that you should consider when studying in Johannesburg.