Tips on finding Affordable UJ Student Accommodation

Johannesburg and Pretoria are desirable as student destinations. Not only do many students relocate here to start or resume their studies, but a lot of foreign students also choose to study here. There are many reasons for this; the great academic institutions, the fantastic weather, and the wonderful surroundings. International students, of course, find the exchange rate very favourable. For those choosing the University of Johannesburg (UJ) for their studies, it is always necessary to find affordable UJ student accommodation. Often students do not have access to their own transport, and being close to the campus remains one of the most important things when it comes to finding accommodation during the academic year.

Finding affordable UJ student accommodation definitely something you need to do before arriving for your studies. Finding decent accommodation here can be difficult, and you have to decide well ahead of time what your requirements and constraints are, financial and otherwise. Do you have family to stay with? Can you afford your own place? Do you have transport of your own? How much can you afford? These are all questions you need to answer before starting to look for accommodation.

The most obvious and preferable choice when it comes to affordable UJ student accommodation is to book into the university residences. This may be more challenging than you may think! Often, these residences are booked up way ahead of time and have long waiting lists, which means that, even if you do qualify for a space in the residence, you will have to find alternative accommodation until a space becomes available.

Other options are to find a safe space close to the campus that could be shared with others. This is where Varsity Lodge comes in. We provide safe and affordable UJ student accommodation for students from various nationalities and backgrounds, and we love the diversity of our residents. We ensure that the environment we provide is conducive to study at all times, and that students are able to socialise and interact safely while still living in a disciplined environment. We pride ourselves on the peaceful and comfortable accommodation we provide for students, and we work hard to ensure that our residents are supported and safe at all times.

In addition to providing affordable UJ student accommodation, we also ensure that most of the residences we provide are within walking distance of the campus in order to promote ease of attending lectures and the use of on-site campus facilities. We have a set of house rules that we require all our residents to follow, and this is purely to ensure that everyone who lives in our residences are secure and are in an environment that is conducive to quality study. We know that parents are concerned about these students and as a result our number one priority is safety. All our lodges are access-controlled and on-site parking is provided for our residents. We also provide other optional services, such as high-speed Internet, laundry facilities, and kiosks where they can purchase a variety of products.

If you are looking for affordable UJ student accommodation, please give our team at Varsity Lodge a call. We would be only too happy to help!