UJ Student Accommodation

UJ Student Accommodation – Choose Between Great Varsity Lodge Properties! 

The time to leave the safety of the “nest” has arrived and the University of Johannesburg awaits you! Leaving home to study can be both a scary and exciting time. The biggest change in your life will be your accommodation and how you manage your home life.

If you have been looking around for UJ student accommodation options, you will have undoubtedly encountered a few options that just are not up to standard. Of course, you want to find a home away from home – something that is comfortable, decent, well-kept and conveniently close to the university.  Where can you find all of this? At Varsity Lodge – that’s where!

When studying at the University of Johannesburg, we have 3 great student accommodation options for you to choose from as follows:

  • 17 Threadneedle Street, Hursthill – this accommodation offers a well-located house with 4 double rooms. This means that 8 students can comfortably stay here and enjoy a studying and social environment that is upmarket and affordable. The house comes fully furnished and is just 400m from the university – you will certainly not have to rush in the mornings!
  • 20 Huntley Avenue, Hursthill – this student accommodation is a bit larger with 8 double rooms to cater to up to 16 students. The house is fully furnished with well-sized rooms, a social atmosphere and close proximity to the university.
  • 85 Main Road, Newlands – this student accommodation offers the largest premises for students studying at the University of Johannesburg. With a variety of single and double rooms, there is space for 25 students to live comfortably. The house is fully furnished and is just 3km from the university.


One of the major perks of staying at a Varsity Lodge while studying is that each accommodation option comes with free WiFi included. You can study and have an online social life, without having to worry about the added expense.

As 2015 approaches at a rapid rate, the time to get your accommodation options sorted out is now! We welcome you to browse through all of our Varsity Lodge accommodation options available on our website, and encourage you to apply online or make contact with one of our property agents.

For more useful information on our UJ student accommodation options, feel free to get in touch with us at Varsity Lodge. Your future awaits – we plan to keep you safe and comfortable while you work towards it!