University of Johannesburg Student Accommodation Now Made Easy!

It can be a huge challenge to find student accommodation in any city and the challenge is even harder if you are planning to study at the University of Johannesburg.  Often, it is impossible to find something close to campus and the closer to campus it is, the more expensive it gets and many students are forced to pay premium just for the luxury of living within easy reach of their lectures.

The student residences are usually booked up way in advance and for those who have to find University of Johannesburg student accommodation at the last minute, it can be a huge headache and they may end up living far away from campus or paying far too much for their accommodation.

Luckily, Varsity Lodge is now coming to the rescue of those looking for student accommodation near the University of Johannesburg.  We specialise in providing outstanding, value-for-money accommodation for students near a variety of different campuses in South Africa, including Pretoria, Nelspruit, Potchefstroom and Johannesburg.  We ensure that all our residents are provided with all the basics that student life requires, and that they get a safe and secure place to live while the do their studies.  All our lodges are located within easy reach of the relevant campus and residents with vehicles are given secure and safe on-site parking.

Our lodges are managed by a group of very experienced staff members and their hands-on approach ensures that buildings are very well maintained, that facilities are in working order and that students do not get out of hand.  A set of house rules applies to all residents and guests and this encourages and ambience that promotes good study, good rest and good interaction between residents.  We also ensure that all repairs and maintenance is carried out in manner that provides as little disruption to the daily lives of our residents as possible.

Our University of Johannesburg student accommodation is located only 300 meters from the campus and consists of four different properties for the exclusive use of our residents.  Here, students have a choice between double rooms to be shared with another, single, more private rooms, four shared cottages and one large house.  There are also a few flats to choose from.  Twenty four hour security, an alarm system and access control ensures a safe environment, and water and electricity are included in the price of the lease.  Facilities such as a well maintained braai area, benches, entertainment area are provided and all rooms are furnished with the basics.

If you are looking for University of Johannesburg student accommodation, give our friendly team a call today to find out more!