Student Accommodation

Varsity Lodge: Safe and Affordable Student Accommodation in Pretoria and Johannesburg Finding student accommodation in Pretoria and Johannesburg can be very challenging. Both cities are very student oriented, because they have a wide array of academic institutions, colleges, and universities here. The university residences are usually booked fully years in advance, and often, students have […]

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University of Pretoria Accommodation

Find Affordable, Safe, and Comfortable University of Pretoria Accommodation Here! The academic year has practically come to an end, and it is time for those planning to study at the University of Pretoria to find accommodation. Student residences in Pretoria are usually already full at this stage, and finding accommodation close to the campus can […]

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Accommodation for Students

Accommodation for Students Trendy and Cool Accommodation for Students in Johannesburg and Pretoria The landscape of university students residing in university residences has changed vastly over the last decade. While it was customary to book your first-year student or school leaver into the first university residence possible, it is now more fashionable and trendier for […]

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University of Johannesburg Student Accommodation

University of Johannesburg Student Accommodation University of Johannesburg Student Accommodation That Will Blow Your Mind! It is almost October and most students are starting to make preparations for their university educations. Not all students want to stay in varsity residences, and we, at Varsity Lodge, have some really attractive and trendy accommodation options that you […]

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UJ Student Housing

UJ Student Housing Have a UJ Student Housing Crisis? Varsity Lodge Can Help! It is a fact that around twenty thousand UJ students live off campus. This means that they are further than 2 km away from the campus. The reason for this is that the university itself can only offer UJ student housing for […]

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Furnished Student Accommodation Johannesburg

Furnished Student Accommodation Johannesburg Find Affordable, Furnished Student Accommodation in Johannesburg Here! The year is rolling on swiftly, and if you have registered at the University of Johannesburg or are a current student at this prestigious university, you will have to move quickly to find accommodation if you want to live close to the campus. […]

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Accommodation for UP Students

Accommodation for UP Students Affordable, Safe, and Secure Accommodation for UP students Matric learners and students all over the country are already starting to look for accommodation near the University of Pretoria (UP) for next year. It can be daunting for parents when their school leaver has to move away from home and become independent. […]

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UP Medical Campus accommodation

UP Medical Campus accommodation Varsity Lodge: For the Best UP Medical Campus Accommodation Many school leavers who have been lucky enough to be accepted into the University of Pretoria (UP) medical campus are already on the lookout for accommodation for next year. Ideally, they want to be close to the campus so that they can […]

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Tshwane Student Accommodation

Tshwane Student Accommodation Comfortable Tshwane Student Accommodation That Will Not Break the Bank It is halfway through the year, and most matric students are now starting to make plans in terms of where they are going to study, what they are going to do, and where they are going to live. Even at this early […]

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Safe Student Accommodation Options in Pretoria

Safe Student Accommodation Options in Pretoria The Challenge of Finding Safe Student Accommodation Options in Pretoria Is Real! South Africa, and particularly Tshwane, used to be one of the best and most secure places to study in the world. Over the last two decades, however, crime has become a huge issue, and the very thought […]

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