Top Tips for Choosing Student Accommodation Near UJ

When preparing for university life in Johannesburg, parents of new students are often faced with many decisions, such as which student accommodation to choose near UJ. But moving out of the home to be closer to university can be overwhelming — and we are not just talking about the students.

South Africa is not as safe as it once was, making it a lot harder to place your child in any accommodation. While you certainly want to avoid areas that will put your child at risk, you also want to avoid those exorbitant private rentals that investors are exploiting. As a parent, you need to ensure that your chosen accommodation meets all the benchmarks for a conducive environment to sleep peacefully, eat healthily, and study comfortablyand it must also meet your budget. To ensure you sleep well for the next 365 days, here is what to look for in student accommodation near UJ.

Location and Security Are Paramount

Budget will have a big impact, of course. But whatever your means, it should go without saying that location and safety are foremost. University life is abuzz with social interaction, which means residents may return home late at night. Not only should the accommodation be in a safe, clean, and relatively quiet area, but to ensure personal safety and the protection of their belongings, security measures and procedures must be in place.

Wi-Fi, Furnished Rooms, and Communal Areas

Furniture costs money, so ideally, rooms should be semi-furnished with a bed, desk, built-in cupboard, and maybe even a locker for valuables. Residents should only have to bring their linen and added luxuries, such as a kettle, fan, heater, and lamp. There should also be communal areas for recreation, on-site laundry facilities are also essential, and a fast Internet connection is vital these days, preferably Wi-Fi. Finally, there should be undercover parking, and the kitchen should be in an excellent condition with all the necessary utensils and appliances.

As specialists in the provision of student accommodation near UJ, and as parents ourselves, we make it easy for both parents and residents to sleep at night by providing clean, up-market, and affordable housing that can be found in all the best areas across Pretoria and Johannesburg. Providing several properties that are only 300 m from the UJ campus — make your choice from single rooms and double rooms to several apartments and cottages.

At Varsity Lodge, we understand that finances and safety are important factors for choosing accommodation — especially for new students who are moving out for the first time. Besides our 24-hour high-tech security, each property provides secure parking, cleaning and laundry services, Wi-Fi, and communal kitchens, dining areas, and spacious lounges with upmarket furniture and flat screens with satellite TV.

If you are studying at the University of Johannesburg, our student accommodation properties near UJ are not only safe, secure, clean, and easy on the finances, but each property provides the ideal environment for students who are serious about their studies.

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