Student Accommodation

Enjoy a Comfortable Lifestyle with Varsity Lodge Student Accommodation

As a student, where you stay and spend your time outside of classes is quite important. While you are bound to want your freedom, it is important to ensure that you have a safe and comfortable place to do assignments, relax, unwind, and socialise. Unfortunately, not everyone can study close to home. Student accommodation is thus quite important, and while the universities offer campus student residences, not all of them are up to the standard of living that you are most-likely used to. And those that are, usually have a long waiting list and hefty monthly charges to consider.

Renting a private flat also presents a lot more responsibility and expenses too. You will have to put down a deposit, sign a lengthy lease, pay for monthly services (water and lights), hire a cleaner, install and pay for your own security system, and buy furniture for the space too. Before you know it, all of your money will be tied up just in a place to stay. And we all know just how tight finances can be when studying.

What Varsity Lodge has to Offer

At Varsity Lodge, we offer student accommodation that provides a safe and comfortable home away from home. All the basic necessities are included in your rental, and once you have secured your spot, you will have a whole lot less to worry about. At Varsity Lodge, we focus on providing our tenants with a safe and enjoyable lifestyle. Our residences are clean, well-located, and provide a variety of valuable services to ensure that you look forward to spending time at your new home.

There are a variety of Varsity Lodges to choose from in Gauteng. In fact, we have seven student accommodation locations available in the province. While each lodge offers different setups and layouts, they are all similar in a number of ways. Here is what you can expect when renting student accommodation at a Varsity Lodge:

  • 24-hour security that you can rely on to protect you and your valuables.
  • Affordable monthly rental amounts.
  • Upmarket, safe locations.
  • Student transport services between lodges and campuses.
  • Safe, on-site (off street) parking for student vehicles.
  • Basic furnishings that ensure each flat is comfortable and homely.
  • Cleaning services provided for all communal areas of the lodges.
  • Water and lights charges included in the rental.
  • Fully equipped kitchens with all the cooking utensils and crockery you need to prepare meals.

Book Student Accommodation in Gauteng for 2019 Online Now

Bookings for 2019 are now open at all Varsity Lodges in Gauteng. Take action now, and do not miss out. Simply apply for student accommodation at a Varsity Lodge online, and we will assist you further. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us via email or telephone for more information and advice.