Furnished Student Accommodation Johannesburg

Find Affordable, Furnished Student Accommodation in Johannesburg Here!

The year is rolling on swiftly, and if you have registered at the University of Johannesburg or are a current student at this prestigious university, you will have to move quickly to find accommodation if you want to live close to the campus. Often, the university residences are booked up way ahead of time and there is a long waiting list, which makes it difficult to secure lodging.

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As a result, people are often forced to live far away from campus or share their living quarters with other students that may not be as academically inclined as they are. This can be very disturbing, especially for first years trying to find their feet in a new environment, and they may not be able to fulfil their academic objectives. Being far away from campus also makes travelling difficult, and often, important functions or lectures are missed as a result.

Most flats and homes are rented out unfurnished, which leaves the burden on the residents and their parents to provide furniture, often at great expense. The best solution is to find furnished student accommodation in Johannesburg that is close to the campus and well managed to provide all the amenities and conveniences that the students will need on an everyday basis.

At Varsity Lodge, we provide furnished housing in Johannesburg and Tshwane close to the campuses. In Johannesburg, we have two lodges, and students can choose from the following options:

  • Scarlet Ribbon Varsity Lodge: This brand-new lodge provides comfortable, affordable, and furnished accommodation in Johannesburg, only 300 metres away from the main campus. The building consists of eight storeys, with each floor containing between 18 and 23 private rooms. Water and electricity and the cleaning of communal areas are included in the monthly rental. Additional amenities and services, such as on-site laundry facilities and high-speed internet are also provided. Residents all have access to secure parking facilities and site access to all our furnished accommodation in Johannesburg and Tshwane is controlled around the clock to ensure the safety and comfort of our students.
  • Martindale Varsity Lodge: Our other lodge that offers furnished student accommodation in Johannesburg is Martindale Varsity Lodge. This residence is located close to the main campus and consists of different units that include bachelor flats, single rooms, and shared rooms. Around-the-clock fingerprint access control ensures that residents are safe, and electricity, water, and parking is included in the monthly rental.

If you are looking for furnished accommodation in Johannesburg, our Varsity Lodges are the best options available. We do encourage diversity, and we have a thorough understanding of student life. We provide our residents the opportunity to socialise with other students, while still providing them with an environment that is conducive to studying.

We employ a set of house rules, which all our residents and their guests have to follow in order to ensure the comfort of everyone at our furnished accommodation lodges. Because Johannesburg University is such a popular academic institution, we encourage you to book your furnished accommodation at Varsity Lodge as soon as possible!