How to Find the Best University Accommodation for Students on a Tight Budget

University students throughout South Africa have been facing an uphill battle over the lack of quality accommodation. Theyhave worked hard to get where they are, with most taking personal loans just to cover their fees, never mind their living expenses. 

But over the years, it’s become clear that many students have little choice but to sign leases in dangerous areas far from campus. Others often find themselves swindled into paying enormous deposits and rentals that leave them hungry and with little data for the rest of the month. How can students honestly give their best when living under such stressful conditions?

If you’re on the hunt for the right accommodation for yourself or your young one, you must keep these two useful tips in mind. If the residence can meet these two criteria, not only will you be getting the best value for your money, but you might even save money. 

  1. Location and Security: Whereas the budget is often the master of choice, location is not very far behind. Think about the convenience of the location, the crime, and daily transportation costs. Ideally, accommodation for students should always be within walking distance of the campus, supermarket and maybe even restaurants. Also, the shared accommodation should have excellent security, such as burglar bars, security gates, electric fencing, CCTV cameras, and even access control. Location and security must be a top priority as South Africa is not as safe as it once was.
  • Furnished Rooms & Laundry Facilities: Money is tight, but why invest in new furniture and a home removal service when you can find accommodation for students that come furnished with a bed, cupboard, drawers, and a study desk and chair? All students need to bring is their linen, lamp, and daily living items. Another money-saving necessity is laundry facilities, which also means that your child will not be washing every other weekend whenever they come to visit you. And do not forget about Wi-Fi as this can save you thousands of rands each year in data. 

The Right Living Space is Just as Important as Earning the Right Degree

As one of the leading specialists in the provision of accommodation for students across Gauteng, we believe that finding a safe and affordable place where one can sleep peacefully, eat healthily, and study without worry, can be just as important as earning a degree. At Varsity Lodge, we own and manage several student accommodation properties throughout Pretoria and Johannesburg. Safe, affordable and convenient, our student apartment blocks are within walking distance from campus. Each building has 24-hour security, fingerprint access, CCTV cameras, furnished rooms, communal areas, Wi-Fi, and laundry facilities.