8 Brilliant Tips to Ensure Student Accommodation Placement in 2021

Student accommodation is big business, but South Africa has a major shortage of university campus beds, which has left many vulnerable youngsters homeless. Every year, thousands of students flock to the big cities, like Pretoria and Johannesburg, to start their education. Although there has been a significant increase in purpose-built student accommodation, South Africa is very much behind the curve in terms of supply versus demand. This year, thousands of applicants were once again left homeless, forcing them to take shelter on friend’s couches or along the corridors of university dormitories. To ensure this does not happen to you next year, follow these useful tips.

  1. Start your search NOW! While budget is often the master of choices, if you want to secure affordable student accommodation in an area close to campus, you need to start your search today. 
  • Think about the convenience of location: Accommodation should be within walking distance to the university campus, the local gym, supermarket, and nightlife. 
  • Security is non-negotiable: It makes no difference where you live because crime is everywhere. Whereas many high-end residences throughout Pretoria and Johannesburg have excellent security in place, there are just as many that do not. To ensure you and your possessions are safe, only shortlist places equipped with burglar bars, security gates, electric fencing, CCTV cameras and access control. You will sleep better at night – and so will your parents.
  • Friendly and approachable staff: Your house mother and resident staff can make a big difference to your stay. Your parents will not be around, which means you will need someone to talk to when there’s an issue on the property. Meet the house mother and any other staff on the property and get some feedback from students about them.
  • Entertainment and laundry facilities: Communal areas are a great way to socialise and make new friends. Which is why the best accommodation types are those that have a communal entertainment area, TV lounge, communal kitchen, and laundry facilities.
  • Furnished bedrooms: This will be your home for the rest of the year, so it needs to be furnished with the basics such as a bed, cupboards, study desk and chair. All you should bring is your linen, lamp, and any additional home comforts that make you feel at home. 
  • Cleaning and regular maintenance: Many student lodges include cleaning and maintenance services built into the monthly rental. Do not overlook these. 
  • Wi-Fi is non-negotiable: A strong, reliable Internet connection is essential as this can save you thousands of rands each year in data.

At Varsity Lodge, we know all about the struggles of finding the right place to sleep, study, and live. With over 60 000 university enrolments each year throughout South Africa and with only half that amount of beds available, getting a bed isnot guaranteed. But if you start your search now, you will have the option of many high-end student properties that are clean, well-maintained and within budget, like Varsity Lodge accommodation.

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