Top Reasons Why Varsity Lodge Student Accommodation in Lynnwood is Better Than Rentals

Looking for clean, safe, and friendly accommodation for your child while studying in Pretoria? The university or educational organisation your child attends can have a huge impact on their lives. But what many students and parents need to realise is that so can their choice of housing. If your child is going to the University of Pretoria, here is why Varsity Lodge student accommodation is the right choice for them and you.

#1 The Social Aspect

The biggest pro for living in campus accommodation is the social aspect, and as it turns out, socialising is just as important as studying. The years of student living are some of the best years of your life. It is a time where young people make friendships that last a lifetime. And by living at our Lynnwood accommodation campus in Pretoria, fellow learners will surround your child — providing them with rich bonding experiences and a valuable support network. 

#2 Accommodation Comes with Many Financial-Saving Perks

Living in a private rental has its own set of perks, but it also comes at a higher rental and safety risk. With Pretoria’s rentals hitting an all-time high, staying at our accommodation will save you a significant amount of money — and peace of mind. At Varsity Lodge, we understand that university fees are expensive, and we provide housing types that meet all budgets. Included in our rates are free Wi-Fi, cleaning and laundry facilities, water and electricity, and on-site parking. Throughout your child’s education, the savings offered by living in our student accommodation in Lynnwood will be huge.

#3 Excellent Security and Close to Campus

As a parent, you want to ensure that your child is in a safe and secure location and environment where there is top-notch security. While there are many perks to living at one of our Varsity Lodge properties, residents are close to campus, being a short walk away from their classes and university buildings. Not only is this great for safety, but also punctuality. Following the rules, curfews, and standards set out by university campuses, our lodging in Lynnwood is highly secure with 24-hour security, fingerprint access, and CCTV cameras.

#4 Up-Market Furnished Bedrooms 

Whether you are moving to Pretoria from Cape Town or you are a Pretoria native moving out of the home to be closer to campus, chances are you will need to purchase furniture — and this can cost a fortune. The great thing about our student residences in Lynnwood is that it is semi-furnished. Providing students with a home-away-from-home lifestyle, Lynwood student housing provides learners with more than just space to sleep and study. Designed to the highest standards, we furnish each bedroom with a bed, cupboard, bedside table, desk, chair, and curtains — and wait until you see our clean, up-market communal areas that boast flat screens and comfortable lounging areas. 

But space is limited, so — to avoid disappointment — apply early and secure your room today.