Varsity Lodge: Safe and Affordable Student Accommodation in Pretoria and Johannesburg

Finding student accommodation in Pretoria and Johannesburg can be very challenging. Both cities are very student oriented, because they have a wide array of academic institutions, colleges, and universities here. The university residences are usually booked fully years in advance, and often, students have no option but to venture out further away from the campuses in order to find suitable living quarters. Many end up living in environments that are less than ideal, or end up in areas that may not be safe.

At Varsity Lodge, we provide the perfect solution to this problem! We have a few lodges in Pretoria and Johannesburg. All our lodges are located within walking distance from the relevant campus. This means that our residents have easy access to their lectures and to the resources available on campus. The format and layouts of our lodges vary from self-contained apartments to shared units with single or double rooms. All rooms are furnished with the basics, and this includes a bed, cupboard, chair, desk, and book rack. The shared units have between five and seven bedrooms, and each unit has a communal kitchen and lounge. Here, students can socialise and make use of the satellite television that is provided. The kitchens are also equipped with the basics.

Because we are very serious about security, we have access control around the clock at all our lodges. We are, therefore, perfect for those who are particularly concerned with student accommodation that is not only comfortable, but also safe and secure. We also have on-site, well-lit parking facilities for all our residents.

We do our best to foster an environment that our residents can enjoy, yet still have the time and silence to study. This is why we apply a set of house rules that all our residents and their guests have to follow. Our student accommodation also includes facilities, such as high- speed internet and laundry facilities on site.

Our student accommodation contracts run from January to December, which means that all our residents are required to move out of the accommodation during the December holidays. We use this time to upgrade, repair, and maintain our student accommodation, so that it remains in good shape for the residents coming in the next year.

In addition to being modern, stylish, safe, and comfortable to live in, our student accommodation is also affordable. To find out more about our services and lodges, please give our team at Varsity Lodge a call!