Safe and Affordable Student Accommodation in Pretoria ONLY at Varsity Lodge

We are halfway through 2020, which means that many high school students are both working hard and sending out university and college applications. Whether your goal is to study at the University of Pretoria, CSIR, or Tshwane University of Technology, leaving home for the first time and moving to the Jacaranda city on your own can be tough.

The economy is at an all-time low and crime is at an all-time high, and as a parent or scholar, you want accommodation that is safe, clean, well-maintained, and within walking distance from campus, and you want accommodation that is actually affordable. Also, if you are like most students, you may need to find a part-time job and the last thing you want is to travel a long distance at night, so it must close to work. But with so many students flocking to Pretoria’s top institutions, finding a place is not easy.

Each year, private property owners force students to either pay exorbitant rentals for luxury apartments near campus, or they get trapped into signing long lease rentals for poorly maintained apartments in unsafe areas. At Varsity Lodge, we believe that clean, safe, and affordable accommodation is just as important as earning a degree. It lays the foundation for a stress-free, smooth-sailing educational experience. And this is where Varsity Lodge can help.

We Provide a Safe and Friendly Environment

As specialists in the provision of clean, up-market, and affordable student accommodation across Pretoria and Johannesburg, we provide a supervised, safe, and friendly environment where students can make friends easily, do assignments together in the study room, watch Netflix or ShowMax in the entertainment area, clean their clothes at the laundry facilities, and even cook meals together in the kitchen. It is one big happy family where everyone gets along in harmony.

Our Semi-Furnished Properties are Within Walking Distance to Campus and Nightlife

At Varsity Lodge, all our properties are within walking distance to the University of Pretoria, UNISA, CSIR, and Tshwane University of Technology. Boasting a low crime rate, our properties are in prime locations with 24-hour security, fingerprint access, and CCTV cameras at each site. Providing a safe environment beneficial to study and mental health, each property is also close to the sports club, gym, yoga studio, and restaurants, malls, trendy cafés, and nightlife.

Attending a university or college is an exciting time in a young adult’s life. But with South Africa’s escalating crime rate, it is essential to secure accommodation in a clean, high-security property close to campus.

If you are looking to study in Pretoria, get in touch with us to find out more about our student accommodation. We have several beautiful properties to show you.