Top Tips to Stay Safe and Healthy in Your Student Accommodation in Johannesburg

The global spread of COVID-19 has caused a massive impact on universities, schools, and businesses throughout South Africa. There are many uncertainties, but to save the 2020 academic year, Dr Blade Nzimande, South Africa’s Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation, announced that schools, colleges, and universities would gradually reopen from 1 June.

Educational Institutes Are Working Hard to Reopen from 1st June

If you’re a current or new undergraduate moving to your Johannesburg student accommodation, you are probably concerned about the impact the COVID-19 may have on your living environment and studies. Rest assured, schools, businesses and universities are working hard to ensure every learner can continue their education, safely and comfortably.

We Have Plans in Place to Assess and Address Any COVID-19 Actions Required

Like all educational institutes, Varsity Lodge has also been working hard to get each property ready for residents. As parents ourselves, we understand the concerns of every scholar and parent, especially with the news changing daily. As specialists in the provision of student accommodation in Johannesburg and Pretoria, we follow government rules and advice and have set plans in place to assess and address COVID-19. 

At Varsity Lodge, we recognise that cleaning is not always the number one priority for students, but with COVID-19 expected to be around until 2021, we’ve put together some top cleaning tips that students should follow to stay healthy.

  • The Bathroom and Kitchen: The Breeding Ground for Bacteria and Germs

The bathroom is a breeding ground for bacteria, which is why each student must clean the bathroom before and after use. It is mandatory. Also, toiletries should sit in a hanging basket and be stored in the students’ room and not the bathroom. Toilets are the Petri dish of the bathroom, so keep it spotless with a disinfectant – and use the toilet brush (it’s there for a reason!). 

The kitchen is another disaster area that can easily become a nightmare if cutlery, pots, and crockery are not cleaned correctly. Adding to that, keep grocery cupboard and fridge spotless with disinfectant. Top tip: as soon as you’ve brought purchased foods and products into the house, wash them with soap water. It is also important to follow the basic rules of wearing a mask when in a crowd – and this also applies to a public kitchen.

  • Clothes and Personal Hygiene: Stay Cleaner than Clean

If you’ve never been big on laundry, then now is your chance to catch up. Clothes, hair, and hands are the culprits of spreading viruses, which is why students must remove their clothes and wash them as soon as they return home from university. Similarly, wash your hands each time you return from a public space. If you share a room with a few other students, then there should be a clear hand washing policy in place and regular temperature checks. Top tip: keep an open dialogue with fellow students about symptoms. If someone is sick, it is important to follow the isolation rules.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can provide you or your child with safe, comfortable, and affordable student accommodation in Johannesburg – call us today.